#BMXDAY to start this week. Straight up bubs and turn on the bubbles man. Come on man, chill bro…you do the math, stop listening me ranting and raving and all that. Holla. 

Some sort of spot redemption. Ex-Crack house fence ride amongst dodging used condoms, drug paraphernalia and a possum skull. Seek and find in Tampa. Pic care of @scgsteve



Go check out MATT CLOSSON @mattclosson to get caught up on the Blunted Athletics video. Putting #decobmx parts to the test like in this photo



Been a long time since we’ve seen this cat in a riding photo @daveybaco getting it done on @activebike Mark Fluettes sweet #decobmx set up. Follow these guys and get excited for a borrowed bike opposite tooth pick #bmx #bmxisfun pic by @chrisrye



The magic hour, the last hour before sundown, is the best time to shoot pics; the sky, the light trails, the motion…and Chad DeGroot cruising a  wheelchair glide for @daveybaco camera while on a trip to Appleton, Wisconsin. @chaddegroot @decobmx @profile_racing #decobmx #bmx #watchthathand #flatland Also be on the look out for Chad and the whole crew at Voodoo jam 2015 in NOLA #voodoojam

Chad D wheelchair by Freimuth


Week 6 campers @woodwardcopper getting hooked up by @matuptobat with some #Decobmxgoodies. “These kids have been ripping all week. Left to right; @relm_420_bmx@jerod__jaslow @jonah_wierzbinski and the homie Axyle. Experience ranging from one month to three years, these kids shred! shout out to @dailyriseproductions for keeping the ridaz progressing and riding all week long”

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.29.12 PM


Exploring Modern Jean Culture with Levi’s Clothing with Hiroshi Uehara

Deco. Logo Embossed Deche series Seats

This seat is magnificent. Simple, functional, handsome, extremely well made, affordable, and, YES, pivotal. Listen to what your ass is asking. Pick one up and listen to your ass thank  you time and time again. Slap one and GO TEAM…

Deche FAT embossed all over with kevlar sides and tail

Weight: 10.8 oz.

Superlite foam and hollow pivotal bolt keep the strength without the weight

Colors: Black,  Silver top, Cheetah, Black Denim, Black Denim red stitch and limited REAL LEATHER

Flatland Pivotal Seat with hand pan tail

Weight: 11.10 oz.

Colors: Black Denim, Army Camo, and Snow Camo

MSRP $29.99  FAT $29.99 Flatland

DISCLAIMER-Denim seats are dyed, so you crazy people that wear white shorts and pants (almost a crime) need to take notice that this seat can wear your be-hind and darken your white ILLEGAL pants or shorts. We warned you, but if you attempt to go against our warning then you are at risk of  “The Mud Butt Look”. Look how you want to be seen. -Chad D 

buy now tab

Click BUY NOW tab above to shop Deco. or call 407-790-4964

All Real Leather seats are USA MADE 



Hot NEW leather items just arrived. Check out the ERGO pivotal seat with camo real leather and branded logo $75 and the wallets with rivots and logo patch made from sheep skin $40

Deco leather seats





IMG_8834 IMG_8831 IMG_8833 IMG_8832

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