This week was looking to get cut short on news but as with all the team we killed it again with a short week doing the Interbike thing in Las Vegas. Tom hits you hard with his new Madera edit, Coplon on the crazy shit, Hiroshi is so busy, and the rest of the crew are killing it…including Matt Closson…enjoy and thanks. -Chad D

Also know the JACKPOT frames are in hand and shipping starts Monday on the frames, Zero, 15mm, 28mm FuForks. More info HERE. 


Hiking and Biking on the Oregon Trail with Tom Villarreal. Click here to Like us on Facebook:

Tom Villarreal is all about the vibe and this edit gives off the best of vibes. While heading north and avoiding the dangers of the Oregon Trail, Tom was able to see some beautiful sites as well as film some beautiful clips. There are some classic spots in here and some new ones, but Tom uses all of them in the way he knows best: like a badass.

Film/Edit: Chris Bracamonte
Song: Bob Seger – Turn the Page
Guest Appearances: Thaddeus Lee, Hobie Doan, Sammy tedesco

“When I was in high school, the urban legend of the local asylum Floated around in the gossip ether. If you had a drug addiction. If you were baker acted. There was always someone who knew someone that supposedly ended up here. Fast forward a couple decades and I meet “Batman,” the caretaker of the closed down sanitarium. He invites us in and lets us creep through the many cavernous hallways, abandoned bedrooms, gym and cafeteria. The place is prime for a Steven King novel. After cleaning up some raccoon shit to make a path, Batman helps us set up this desk to ride and asks if he could get in the picture. Manual between a weekend of monsoon storms. Thanks for the tour, Batman.” -MATT COPLON  Pic by @scgsteve #profileracing @profile_racing #decobmx @decobmx #etniesbmx @etniesbmx @f0lklore #folklorebrand #bmx #choosetampa #tampa #asylum #haunted #sanitarium @matt_coplon

Coplon manual over table man

Profile Interbike 2015 with Matt Coplon and Chad DeGroot

Profile – Interbike 2015 – More BMX Videos

Deco – Interbike 2015 – More BMX Videos

It’s hot as fuck in California so I can only imagine it’s even worse out in Vegas, where Matt Closson calls home and where much of the BMX industry will be gathering over the next few days at Interbike. In this new video Matt braved the scorching temps at various skateparks and put down some heat of his own. Matt’s section in the Blunted DVD “Forever Rolling” will be dropping at Nora Cup in just a few days so get ready for much more from this guy.

“Filmed in a couple weeks with the trusty VX at some of the bigger skateparks in Vegas. Shout out to @DecoBMX, @stackedBMX, and @bluntedathletics. Filmed by: Keaton Harris
Song: Stoned Jesus – Falling Apart”

“This is an honor and an insane list to be on. Damn. Damn. I chose to be only front brakes about 10 years ago and have not looked back. I do that front wheel boogie quit often. Thank you.” -Chad DeGroot,4340


We did this custom arm rest for a local tattoo artist for arms n shoulder work. Quick release to position up and down and pivotal to adjust the angle. Thanks to @theweavbmx for the welds and custom bottle opener on the bottom bracket area. Added touches from @nativebikes with a real leather custom seat and branded. Other items include @decobmx grips, bar ends, seatpost, and seat. #bmx #flatland #mrbikesnboards #tatnbeer #custombmx

IMG_0161 IMG_0162


Back in July Tom Lammerse and I went to Tokyo, Japan to film for a video project for Vans. Besides riding we wanted to meet as many people as possible and we wanted to really see what the Tokyo/Japanese culture was like. Lahsaan kobza told us to go to Decade bmx shop and meet up with owner Hiroshi Uehara. Meeting Hiroshi was inspiring to say the least. From the Decade store we went to Meiji Jungu and while walking through this peaceful place we asked him some questions for this Orange Juice exclusive interview.


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