Chad DeGroot’s new whip the “JACKPOT” in army green and black errrthang


Deco Tsutomu Kitayama “JACKPOT” signature frame 18.9”TT Army Green

Deco FuForks 15mm with 990 tabs black

Deco 4 piece Genius Bars 8.5” rise black

Profile Push top load stem 48mm black

Profile GDH 170mm no boss race cranks black

Deco Spanish 19mm bottom bracket kit

Profile Spline drive sprocket 7075 milled to 3/32

Shadow 3/32 half link chain black

Deco PC 10 molded pin pedals chromoly axles black

Profile Z Coaster RSD Ti Female axle 45 degree slack ring setting 3/32 9t cog 36h

Profile Elite 10mm front hub 36h Female axle black

Ares A-Class 1.75 tires with Kevlar bead

Deco spokes 186mm front and rear 184mm alloy nipples black

Sun Ringle Envy rims black

Deco 25mm rim strips

Sunlite 20” tubes

Dia Compe Tech 77 Left lever

Deco Slick-ish brake cable black

Dia Tech 990 brake with fiesta upgrade kit black

Deco integrated headset kit with 10mm stack spacer black

Deco logo clear black grips with flanges

Deco Pac Ends bar ends 7075 high polished

Deco 135mm pivotal seat post black

Deco Deche series pivotal seat Army Camo and Taiwan Kevlar sides and tail 1 of 15 Bikes Over Baghdad limited seats

Deco WuPegs 1.5” raw clear anodized 10mm holes

_MG_2506 _MG_2515 _MG_2524

_MG_2521 _MG_2511 _MG_2512

_MG_2517 _MG_2516 _MG_2525

Upgrades: 6x Ti stem bolts, GDH Ti crank spindle, Ti button bolts on front and rear hubs, Ti 9t cog, Ti female 10mm rear axle, hacked off 6mm on pivotal seatpost, front Sun rim on the rear for nice hand comfort and rear envy on the front for the machined sidewalls for braking, Deco logo grip flange cut for pressure on the sprocket to frame, sprocket milled down to 3/32 one off to match chain and rear cog, hockey tape extra thick on my lever for kushness, REM oil inside cable and moving parts of brake, filed down brake pivots so they set loose and pull smoother, Kevlar bead tires to reduce weight, 10-14mm alloy spacers for rear end, grips sat in the Florida sun for one day in 90 degree weather to soften, 110 psi carefully pressurized with hand pump.

Real cool how the through the drop out chain tensioners put pressure on the 10mm-14mm adaptor so it does not mess up the threads of the Profile 10mm button bolt. Also I can slam my wheel closest to the dropout back so my rear end is short. Another great thing is with female axle I take off the stud and it makes removing my chain to change my tire or work on my wheel real easy and I don’t bend my sprocket forcing my chain off.

Total weight: 21lbs.

MSRP: $2099.00

Overall rating: 11

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Thanks to: DecoBMX @decobmx #decobmx, Profile Racing @profile_racing, PowerBar #pbte, Torque @torquebmx #growbmx #trqbmx #torqueflatland, Mr. B’s @mrbikesnboards #mrbikesnboards, Baco

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-Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot

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