Those hats, you know the ones…damn Santa hats on everyone. It is suppose to make people happy and spread the joy but it really just makes me want to pull them over peoples faces and slap them. Plus where I am its 87 degrees out and you don’t anything extra on your body. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for this season but those hats…just saying I do not want one and please do not sent any. This is almost like I am asking for one or calling you all out to mess with me. Damn it all. Maybe I should just stop writing. What I am really trying to say is Merry Xmas. I am going to leave you with a joke, keep in mind its a joke. Meant to laugh at. Here goes…why doesn’t Jesus eat M&M’s? Because they fall through the holes in his hands. With that said everyone be safe, eat candy if you can, if you can’t don’t do it…and enjoy your family and friends. Also there is a shit load of good shit below these words that is pretty cool if you ask me. -Chad D

Matt Closson DECO BMX 2015

MATT CLOSSON Deco BMX 2015 video slaying it all year long but this one he put a few months into and its so good. In true Matt fashion he kills it, goes big, and is so awesome to watch.

Filming: Keaton Harris, Jimmy Boer
Song: Ten Years After – Love Like A Man

MATT COPLON Old spot. New jeans. New move thanks to @scgsteve for the pic and the umph. Last session before getting on a boat and heading to Key West.


Torque BMX just ran an ad in RideBMX issue #212 Jan/Feb 2016 with their #GROWBMX crew. Go to to see more and order from your local shop to get the featured tees in this ad. My top left pic was shot at Flatark in Kobe Japan from Aaron Nardi @aaronnardi huge thanks to @torquebmx @profile_racing @decobmx #decobmx #bmx #flatland #rideeveryday #flatark #kobe ALSO FEATURED IN THIS AD @tjlavin @tylertruemanbmx @leandro_overall @anthonynapo @nick_bruce @terryadamsbmx AND know these tees and more are available now at Mr. B’s @mrbikesnboards #mrbikesnboards


Snap of THE very first whip by @terryadamsbmx over a hip in Hammond. Taking a break from sweating in his a garage during balmy southern flat sessions. #profileracing Bayou Sessions. Pic by @matt_coplon  #bmx #profileracing @profile_racing

Terry Adams Hip Whip Hammond

As seen on @tomvillarrealBrushing around ???? @keith.robertson

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Matt Closson only a day away. Check this out… @mattclosson #damn #deco #decobmx

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