Not sure if you scroll all the way down but the instagram vids this week are top notch. Also want to thank everyone for getting us up to 13k on our @decobmx instagram. I received a sponsorship from Torque and all details are below, but know they want to support BMX and grow this bitch. Also check out my FENCES bike check and next week an interview with the artist on the bike path, going to get him to ride a bit to. Karl Poynter has spots and all his photos are so good. BMX Plus RIP but I had my column DECADES and going to post up my last few that will never see print. Get excited. Matt Closson on that BLNTD pics. Check out upcoming events. If you have any Deco related news, pics, or just want to show us what is up send them to and keep on the look out for moment of Zen as I need some…thank you. -Chad D Continue reading

Chad DeGroot’s new whip the “JACKPOT” in army green and black errrthang


Deco Tsutomu Kitayama “JACKPOT” signature frame 18.9”TT Army Green

Deco FuForks 15mm with 990 tabs black

Deco 4 piece Genius Bars 8.5” rise black

Profile Push top load stem 48mm black

Profile GDH 170mm no boss race cranks black

Deco Spanish 19mm bottom bracket kit

Profile Spline drive sprocket 7075 milled to 3/32

Shadow 3/32 half link chain black

Deco PC 10 molded pin pedals chromoly axles black

Profile Z Coaster RSD Ti Female axle 45 degree slack ring setting 3/32 9t cog 36h

Profile Elite 10mm front hub 36h Female axle black

Ares A-Class 1.75 tires with Kevlar bead

Deco spokes 186mm front and rear 184mm alloy nipples black

Sun Ringle Envy rims black

Deco 25mm rim strips

Sunlite 20” tubes

Dia Compe Tech 77 Left lever

Deco Slick-ish brake cable black

Dia Tech 990 brake with fiesta upgrade kit black

Deco integrated headset kit with 10mm stack spacer black

Deco logo clear black grips with flanges

Deco Pac Ends bar ends 7075 high polished

Deco 135mm pivotal seat post black

Deco Deche series pivotal seat Army Camo and Taiwan Kevlar sides and tail 1 of 15 Bikes Over Baghdad limited seats

Deco WuPegs 1.5” raw clear anodized 10mm holes

_MG_2506 _MG_2515 _MG_2524

_MG_2521 _MG_2511 _MG_2512

_MG_2517 _MG_2516 _MG_2525

Upgrades: 6x Ti stem bolts, GDH Ti crank spindle, Ti button bolts on front and rear hubs, Ti 9t cog, Ti female 10mm rear axle, hacked off 6mm on pivotal seatpost, front Sun rim on the rear for nice hand comfort and rear envy on the front for the machined sidewalls for braking, Deco logo grip flange cut for pressure on the sprocket to frame, sprocket milled down to 3/32 one off to match chain and rear cog, hockey tape extra thick on my lever for kushness, REM oil inside cable and moving parts of brake, filed down brake pivots so they set loose and pull smoother, Kevlar bead tires to reduce weight, 10-14mm alloy spacers for rear end, grips sat in the Florida sun for one day in 90 degree weather to soften, 110 psi carefully pressurized with hand pump.

Real cool how the through the drop out chain tensioners put pressure on the 10mm-14mm adaptor so it does not mess up the threads of the Profile 10mm button bolt. Also I can slam my wheel closest to the dropout back so my rear end is short. Another great thing is with female axle I take off the stud and it makes removing my chain to change my tire or work on my wheel real easy and I don’t bend my sprocket forcing my chain off.

Total weight: 21lbs.

MSRP: $2099.00

Overall rating: 11

More info:

Thanks to: DecoBMX @decobmx #decobmx, Profile Racing @profile_racing, PowerBar #pbte, Torque @torquebmx #growbmx #trqbmx #torqueflatland, Mr. B’s @mrbikesnboards #mrbikesnboards, Baco

SPONSORS:   logo

-Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot

Chad D bars Chad D cliff hanger Chad D darkside Chad D ice scream spinChad D jumpChad D pedal machine

Chad D paint the trail

Matt Coplon is the star this week and he is still in Cali killing it with Tom Villarreal and crew. Baco happened again…both crashes and pulled tricks and a lot of fire thanks to Kurt at BMXUNION. Nora cup awards video. Mat Olson at the Texas stat fair. Matt Closson pic from his part in Blunted video gap to kink rail. Terry Adams garage is looking good. #decobmx @decobmx -Chad D Continue reading

Write your own story. Think I am lazy, well you guessed it. Mat Olson, Chad D, Coplon, new month, recap, big Deco stickers…thats a big Deco. Have a great weekend. -Chad D

Mat Olson @matuptobat clicking into a turndown sending it through the open loop. Mat and crew will be out at the #texasstatefair all month long. Check out some of these hashtags for more pics and madness from#Decobmx  #teambta #sft#matknowsdeco  #bmx #txbmx ????@badgerbmx

Mat Olson open loop tdown texas


Profile Team Mix


A mix edit filmed throughout this year featuring the majority of the Profile Racing team. With street, park, and dirt, this vid has it all and shows how well-rounded the Profile crew truly is.

Credit: Profile Racing / Grant C.

Profile’s Team Mixer: Fall 2015. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.


DecoBMX August September 2015

Here is your DecoBMX recap August September 2015
Riders and their instagram names to follow them in order @bernie.mac.165 @ryantorrancebmx @terryadamsbmx @tomvillarreal @jbinobmx @chaddegroot @mattclosson @karlqpoynter @johnnyfilth @mannienogueira @thomasnoyer @matuptobat
@decobmx #decobmx
Find out more info call 407-790-4964 email and buy now

BMX: NORA Cup Awards 2015 – Raw Awards Highlights | RideBMX

Check out Chad D present Viki Gomez with the flatlander of the year at Nora cup video and the rest of the crew…this is good.

If your whip has an American BB we can upgrade it with Deco cups and then use a Mid BB kit and your golden…see them here and get them HERE. 


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Your instavids for this week:

@matuptobat getting a few laps in @sixo_compound ????by: @nachosweekend

A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on

Moment of ZEN

Deco big stickers



New order is here, Jackpot frames are down to 8x left, that is good…cause they are amazing. Also FuForks in plenty of sweeps and with or without tabs. Get on the links below. Throw some love to Tsutomu who is out for awhile. Diadem and Empire with Mat Olson video. Coplon is crazy. Mannie Welcome video while getting on the boat and off the boat. Nora cup Chad and Viki. Enjoy your weekend and don’t be bad. HOLLA. -Chad D Continue reading

This week was looking to get cut short on news but as with all the team we killed it again with a short week doing the Interbike thing in Las Vegas. Tom hits you hard with his new Madera edit, Coplon on the crazy shit, Hiroshi is so busy, and the rest of the crew are killing it…including Matt Closson…enjoy and thanks. -Chad D

Also know the JACKPOT frames are in hand and shipping starts Monday on the frames, Zero, 15mm, 28mm FuForks. More info HERE. 


Hiking and Biking on the Oregon Trail with Tom Villarreal. Click here to Like us on Facebook:

Tom Villarreal is all about the vibe and this edit gives off the best of vibes. While heading north and avoiding the dangers of the Oregon Trail, Tom was able to see some beautiful sites as well as film some beautiful clips. There are some classic spots in here and some new ones, but Tom uses all of them in the way he knows best: like a badass.

Film/Edit: Chris Bracamonte
Song: Bob Seger – Turn the Page
Guest Appearances: Thaddeus Lee, Hobie Doan, Sammy tedesco

“When I was in high school, the urban legend of the local asylum Floated around in the gossip ether. If you had a drug addiction. If you were baker acted. There was always someone who knew someone that supposedly ended up here. Fast forward a couple decades and I meet “Batman,” the caretaker of the closed down sanitarium. He invites us in and lets us creep through the many cavernous hallways, abandoned bedrooms, gym and cafeteria. The place is prime for a Steven King novel. After cleaning up some raccoon shit to make a path, Batman helps us set up this desk to ride and asks if he could get in the picture. Manual between a weekend of monsoon storms. Thanks for the tour, Batman.” -MATT COPLON  Pic by @scgsteve #profileracing @profile_racing #decobmx @decobmx #etniesbmx @etniesbmx @f0lklore #folklorebrand #bmx #choosetampa #tampa #asylum #haunted #sanitarium @matt_coplon

Coplon manual over table man

Profile Interbike 2015 with Matt Coplon and Chad DeGroot

Profile – Interbike 2015 – More BMX Videos

Deco – Interbike 2015 – More BMX Videos

It’s hot as fuck in California so I can only imagine it’s even worse out in Vegas, where Matt Closson calls home and where much of the BMX industry will be gathering over the next few days at Interbike. In this new video Matt braved the scorching temps at various skateparks and put down some heat of his own. Matt’s section in the Blunted DVD “Forever Rolling” will be dropping at Nora Cup in just a few days so get ready for much more from this guy.

“Filmed in a couple weeks with the trusty VX at some of the bigger skateparks in Vegas. Shout out to @DecoBMX, @stackedBMX, and @bluntedathletics. Filmed by: Keaton Harris
Song: Stoned Jesus – Falling Apart”

“This is an honor and an insane list to be on. Damn. Damn. I chose to be only front brakes about 10 years ago and have not looked back. I do that front wheel boogie quit often. Thank you.” -Chad DeGroot,4340


We did this custom arm rest for a local tattoo artist for arms n shoulder work. Quick release to position up and down and pivotal to adjust the angle. Thanks to @theweavbmx for the welds and custom bottle opener on the bottom bracket area. Added touches from @nativebikes with a real leather custom seat and branded. Other items include @decobmx grips, bar ends, seatpost, and seat. #bmx #flatland #mrbikesnboards #tatnbeer #custombmx

IMG_0161 IMG_0162


Back in July Tom Lammerse and I went to Tokyo, Japan to film for a video project for Vans. Besides riding we wanted to meet as many people as possible and we wanted to really see what the Tokyo/Japanese culture was like. Lahsaan kobza told us to go to Decade bmx shop and meet up with owner Hiroshi Uehara. Meeting Hiroshi was inspiring to say the least. From the Decade store we went to Meiji Jungu and while walking through this peaceful place we asked him some questions for this Orange Juice exclusive interview.


Limited Self Titled Street Frames in TRUE RAW

We have 3x of these bad muthas in 21″ TT size. When they are gone they be gone. ONLY $299

Deco Self Titled Frame raw 3 Deco Self titled Frame raw 5 Deco Self titled frame raw 4 Deco Self Titled raw frame 1 Deco Self title frame 2


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Area 51 alien




You are going to have to just scroll down and enjoy my lack of words this week…enjoy all the deals, steals, meals, and keels…

Limited Self Titled Street Frames in TRUE RAW

We have 4x of these bad muthas in 21″ TT size. When they are gone they be gone. ONLY $299

Deco Self Titled Frame raw 3 Deco Self titled Frame raw 5 Deco Self titled frame raw 4 Deco Self Titled raw frame 1 Deco Self title frame 2


Chad DeGroot Labor Day Daytona

“Labor Day vacation in Daytona Beach with the family. With all the Free parks to ride it was a must to load up the bike rack with all our bikes and even a new one given to my shop Mr. B’s now turned into a beach bike to scare the birds with my son. 14 floors up or if you do the math unlucky 13th floor made for a good top view shot of the beach and just a few flatland spins. Enjoy everything you do and never get old.” -Chad DeGroot
#flatland #profileZcoaster #DecoBMX @decobmx @profile_racing #bmx #laborday #welovevacation

SUBSCRIBE: youtube channel DecoBMX09
Filmed by: @evedegroot
Music: The Avalanches -Since I left you

TAYLOR BONDS …after being out with knee surgery…all healed up and @tbonds69 still gots it photo by: @professor_djjjj


TBR: West of East.

Wanderings through Tampa Bay. Summer. High humidity. Its always 95 degrees. Sessions with Niles Harper, Travis Reavis, Brad Severn, Alan Shirley, Steve-O, Billy Woodfin, Charlton Lashley, Mark Mulville, Steve Caro, Thomas Holman, David Gibson, Dan Orroyo, Conor McKeon, and Spencer Foresman.
Enjoy some Tampa…

-Matt Coplon

TBR: West of East. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

Our friends over at 430 Japan and Decade shops have just launched an international store…go check it out here 

Lots of tabs on the left side so scroll through and enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.41.48 AM


Nice behind the scenes footage at Real City Spin at the pre jam in Chinatown and practise by John Yull. Featuring the likes of Toon, Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois, Todd Carter, Tsutomu Kitayama, Jean Francois Boulianne, Joe Cicman, and many more.

Nora Cup voting is over. 2015 awards are here next week. Persuasion and bribes were taken from @footprints_in_the_spam for @johnyull. A t-shirt and stickers arrived so I decided to do a decade and end it with some schlepping. Guess this style won me a few Nora cups and world titles (not sure what that means). Schlepping PSA t-shirt still available at Flatland Fuel for $5.00.

Disclaimer: Actual Vote John Yull shirt was worn and an actual decade was performed. No shoes were damaged only feelings were hurt from foot scuffing 2015 called Schlepping on the back wheel. All expressed individuals shall hold schlep harmless and non-toxic. Decade variations can be discussed and can be addictive. Decades may cause dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, blindness, spotting, seizures, thoughts of suicide, death, stroke, anal leaking, high fever, confusion, coma, weight gain, low white blood cells, trouble swallowing, impaired motor skills, sores, drying, straining, staining, bone fractures, persistent diarrhea, enhanced suicidal thoughts, bed sores, increased ache, vaginal mash, tears in intestines, severe liver problems, cancer, tuberculosis, increased urge to gamble, unusual dreams, problems speaking, itching, depression, bleeding, and Scott Powell to loose hair.

-Chad DeGroot @decobmx @chaddegroot #decobmx #bmx #noracup @ridebmx #flatland

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WOW where do I begin? Gotta start somewhere so I guess with a custom deco frame and Matt Coplon. Moving onto Hiroshi and an edit is he real pumped on for good reason. Matt Closson and Blntd video is premiering at Nora cup, his section is going to be nuts. Coplon early mornings. Mannie and TA? Tang Meng checking in from Japan. Chad D on Fat Tonys podcast…sit back and learn something. Cycle Circus. And the crackpacker. -Chad D Continue reading

Here is a split interview and update. First off I want to say I am excited to get Mannie on a TA frame and some fine DecoBMX products. He is a young ripper who is about to start an adventure that will bring him around the world with entertaining people and enabling him to quit his 9 to 5. Maybe a bit weird getting in sessions on a boat but he is very excited and we look forward to his updates…read his interview below and check that whip. Terry has been pulling his hair out with grown up life stuff including his new house he just had built. With a huge focus on his garage for a riding area, he finally let the dust settle, unpacked, and got on his new bike. Enjoy both lil interviews, pics, and scroll down to see a few clips. -Chad D

Caught up with TA and asked him what he is up to and more…check what he says:

Chad-What is good bubs? What have you been up to?
TA-Everything has been rad, just returned home from a weekend of shows at Moto GB in Indianapolis. Other than that, just trying to get moved into the new crib. When I get completely settled in. I plan to ride like there is no tomorrow.
Chad-How is the new bike, you choose the shiny look with chrome and put back on a front brake…why?
TA-I chose the shinny look because my homie Scott O’brien told me what’s in style and how I should set it up, so I trusted him. As far as putting  the back on the brake, I realized keeping the brake off was really holding me back from what I stand for as a rider. I always preached to do your own thing and not follow trends. So I guess it was time to take my own advise.
Chad-What is going on the rest of the year, can you tell me?
TA-Rest of the year will be a mixture of appearances around the US for RedBull, filming my 3rd joint edit with Aaron Ross, riding my balls off,  and then plan on ending the year with a Profile trip with DeGroot and Matt Coplon. Things should get spicy.
Chad-Seeing your new house and your bonus size garage is pretty amazing, does your cars even park in there or is it going to stay pristine?
TA-Plan is to keep that thing clean as bean and ride like I’m 16. I’m ready.. The cars can sit in the rain, it’s time to ride.
Check out more TA goodness on his TEAM PAGE and check back often HERE.
TA sunset chill shot TA sunset 2 TA front spin Pics by:Chad D


Chad-Caught up with Mannie Nogueira as he just make a few changes to his bike and we discuss what is going on for the remainder or this year and what is in store for 2016. 
Mannie-Had my first ride on the new bike yesterday! Feels SUPER good! a little getting used to the shorter frame and ill be good to go!

Chad-First off your bike looks insanely clean and crisp and by the look on your face you look pretty excited. How does it feel to be on a Deco frame and parts?

Mannie-Yes i am super stoked on riding a Deco setup! Heard lots of good things about Deco and now that I’m on a frame/parts it feels super solid and all the parts seem to be made extremely well! So dope! ! It does look super clean and can’t wait to really ride hard on this new setup!


Chad-You landed a gig on a boat for about 8 months doing some acting them riding your bike. How did you get this and are you ready for boats n hos?

Mannie-I got this boat gig from Dane Beardsley who had currently been on the boat, he told me about this gig and what it was like so i decided to take the opportunity! I quit my job and was off to Miami, Florida for rehearsals. It was a pretty crazy experience down there learning the show and having to learn to do some acting  as well… It was super awkward at first but after 3 weeks you kinda get used to it..kinda. haha. Oh am i ready for boats and hoes! but are boats and hoes ready for me? 😉


Chad-How does the rest of this year and next year look for you?

Mannie-Right now I’m getting ready for these boat shows, i fly to the UK on August 30th and won’t be back home till mid April! Hopefully i can get a few contracts out of this! When I’m back from the boat I’m hoping to hit a few contests and ride hard to keep progressing. Also hoping to do more shows weather its for a show team or starting up my own thing… I worked the 9-5 life for over 2 years out of high school and I’m not planning to go back anytime soon!


Chad-With BMX not having much money unless you do shows or win everything, how does it feel to do something you love and get to travel around the world?

Mannie-Im super stoked to have this opportunity to do these shows and travel around Europe/ the Caribbean riding my bike! Its pretty crazy when i think about it! Insane how riding my bike can take me to all these places and I can’t wait to start this new adventure!

Chad-Where can people find you? @’s, twitter, FB, #’s…

Instagram- @MannieNogueira

Twitter- @MannieNogueira


Thanks to my parents/family for all their constant support and keeping me motivated to do what i love! Thanks to all the homies i ride with and friends for the support as well. Thanks Dane Beardsley for hooking me up with this boat gig! Thanks to my sponsors, @questbmx, @bbgbmx, @huck supply co, @quartergood. And BIG thanks to DECO BMX for all the support as well!

New England Represent!

Mannie Nogueira

Check out TA in his garage with the first sessions of many to come with that sweet glass garage door backdrop and also take a peek at his signature TA frame both him and Mannie are running along with the full line of PRODUCTS. 


When you make Terry Adams happy he gives you shout outs in fancy places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and invites you to be awesome, which is pretty awesome. What is more awesome than awesome? “The TA model has everything I have always wanted in a great solid traditional looking flatland frame. It’s not gimmicky, has a simple design, and its built to last. Its still short but long enough to make you feel like a man. Removable tabs and built in chain tensioners to keep things practical. This frame is everything I want between my legs. This is some quality sh*t that will provide tons of fun and give you a happy ending every time you ride it.” -Terry Adams

Here are some recent videos from TA at his house and Mannie’s first ride on his new whip…check them out and give a follow to them both.

Here are a few more fine DecoBMX parts both Mannie and TA proudly ride:

PC-Carbon-fiber-pedals-Black Black-grips New-H-s2 135mm-seatpost-2 Deco.-Black-Denim-seat-542x300 Deco.-Mid-BB-19mm-Black1-436x300


To buy these products and more click the buy now tab tab below. Thank you.

buy now tab