Its very neighborly to invite and be accommodating. Our area has a lot of kids so were outside a lot riding bikes or drinking or other. Just to be outside is very nice and pleasant. We invited our neighbor to stop by and see our chickens but he thought is was and invite to eat chicken. So he brought a bottle of his favorite BBQ sass. Once here in our backyard he did have a weird look on his face but could not hide the sass. So end result we showed him our chickens and told him he can’t eat them…yet. Enjoy this week…scroll WAY down as the instaVids this week stole the show. -Chad D


NEW black tee with gray pocket and block DECO logo available in Med, LRG, XL only $19.99

Deco pocket tee


ANOTHER NEW TEE JUST ARRIVED the Deco Block tee in Med, LRG, and XL only $19.99 #decobmx

Deco block tees


The Pusher BMX crew from Coloradeco went on a trip recently and Mat Olson sent over a few pics from the journey…enjoy.

Taylor Table Mat T Boggs Mat PedalMat FaceJosh Double pegDanny 360Crew JonesClay profile


Mannie sent us this: Amazing photo of an original switch while in Martinique a few weeks ago! ????????
????: @nicknogueiraphotos


Oh to be the middle man where your required to make two sides work. Don’t let yourself think about it.  Not over-built or under-built, just the right gauge. The simplest things are always the best.  This is one of them.

Stainless steel spokes
14 Gauge
Sizes: 184mm,  186mm, and 188mm
Colors: Black or Silver
40pc per bag
Weight 6.6 oz for 40pk

MSRP $16.99




Upcoming events:

IMG_2179 TBLDFJ16_teaser


AFA_ROUND-1_instaG AFA_ROUND-1_AFTERS_instaG IMG_2712 12633118_1643050309290083_2079019017_o 12562638_10153731505820049_1933578878_o Sponsorship package B Sponsorship package B (dragged) Sponsorship package B (dragged) 1 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 2 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 3 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 4 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 5

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InstaVids for this week:

As seen on @maderabmx with @tomvillarreal roast-a-rooni #BMX #maderabmx #decobmx

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Moment of ZEN