Sipping on some syrup writing this. Pretty excited for a few reasons so I might as well dive into this. New order including forks, bar ends, grips, cups, and the NEW TA pivotal seat have arrived. This is a huge story but I will speed it up. Our steamship or boat was in the Red Sea for around a month anchored and no sign of getting through the Suez canal. This is real crazy cause everything is at a stand still. Long story short and from what I heard there was a big company with their goods on the boat and I feel they would not let their goods just sit at sea. So it was release to complete shipment. Backside of BMX business can be wild, but this takes it all. And it all works out. This time it took some time but it worked out and we have products. If these parts could talk, they would say it was a wild journey but now want a good home. Scroll down for this week, amazing pics, instavids, jam flyers, and more. Be safe and be good and it all works out. PEACE -Chad D
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START FINISH…there you go. Lot of events going on specially the Baco Jam this weekend at Jellystone park in Wisconsin. Scroll down to see more coming up. New spoke wrench is here and ready to fix your wheels. Mat is always up to bat…see his spread below. Have a great weekend everyone, see our instaVids for this week, follow the crew adding to our story on @decobmx instagram. Thanks. -Chad D Continue reading

First off I have to explain why our new order is over a month late. The boat Hanjin was stuck in the Red Sea and not allowed to go through port. You can Google Hanjin to read and find out more…pretty wild. But now we have notice its coming in 10 days but this hurricane here on the east coast is messing things up as well. So stay tuned for updates and new items and restock items will be here shortly. Monday night football was nuts, check out my 9min vid below. Mat Olson on those shows blasting. Flatland limbo with Thomas Noyer. Check out this and @decobmx instagram. Stay safe. -Chad D
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In 1992 I graduate high school then went to a Tech college but decided to take a break and travel over and down to Arizona for a winter. Since I was fresh and fancy in pizza delivery and I had rent to pay and needed to eat more than ketchup packets and crackers. So I got a delivery job at Barro’s pizza. Blow away how good the pizza was plus chicken wings. Could live off that plus some crystal pepsi 2 liters and be happy as a happy man. If you know anything about delivery in Arizona then you feel my pain about no GPS or cell phones (this kinda dates me correct?) but worst off that the streets have 3 name like ROAD, LANE, AVENUE, and even CIRCLE. Confusing once you pile all these factors plus only being in town for a month. Long story short I was on a delivery and could not find the house so I ate a slice of pizza cause it was the customers fault this happened. Of course it was. Then I slid the other slices as close together and pushed some cheese. Then found the house and got no complaints and a tip. Told my son this story and now he wants to deliver pizzas when he is old enough. I think everyone should. Long story even shorter…ran into a dude named Joshua Shipp at Interbike this year and he came up to me and said we worked together at Barro’s and he has been there for 26 years now. Long story getting even shorter…he wrote a kids book and gave me a few, so at night when I read books to my kids and they read to me this book is in the rotation. Check below the MOMENT OF ZEN and see the cover. -Chad D
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SILLY PEOPLE. We all see them, they might weird us out, or make us laugh. But always be ready, cause they are out there. I bring this up cause I was waiting for a plane back home with a flight delay and a muscley gentleman bought it up that he hates weird. He said you can be who you are and look normal at the same time, you don’t have to look weird. I wanted to bum him out but  my headphones were a better option as I could be sitting near him and that would be a long flight. Be silly, make people laugh, go for it. Check below for some good inter bike coverage, instaVids, products out now, and more…enjoy your weekend bubs. -Chad D
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Getting up at 6:30 every morning just before the chickens sing (7am) is such a quite time. 7am chickens and kids up for school. Today I went out to let the birds out then skim the pool with some blown in leaves floating from the recent storm. Somehow in 16 years living here I have not fallen in the pool. Today was an exception. Took it hard with my knee to the side of the pool brick and cut open, fully clothed, and first thought as I went limp my phone. Hopped out pulled the case off and panicked to hold down the button to turn off…dumped out a few drops of water out of the port and charging holes. Damn. So now I walk into the house to make some breakfast for the kids and they ask what happened and why I am wet. Cool hearing giggles but lil embarrassing but also happened so I have to tell the wife. I can still ride pretty good at 42 but this morning my balance wanted some juice. Some pool juice. Was not bummed but my life stood still for about 5 hours while my phone dried…then I turned it on and everything is fine. Everything works out. Work out your everything and you will be fine. Stay fine my friends… -Chad D
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How can summer be over. Well if it is this was a great one. Never really over since I am residing in florideco. End of summer and start of the slightly cooler nights just feels so good. Reminisce with August instaVids. Get lost in Shanghai. Upgrade your dome with a Camp hat. How much labor did you do on Labor Day? Listen to Slayer. AND ride bikes. Take a stroll around this site, click some tabs, watch some videos, and be happy DecoBMX is in its 7th year. Holla. -Chad D Continue reading

Bringing my kids to school the other day and my son said “I just saw something illegal”. My eyes perked up and well hell I want to see this also. So I asked what it was and he said that lady is not wearing a shirt. Now my head really perked up. But in reality it was some bonus size lady wearing a tee the same color as her skin. So at quick glance it would appear she was not wearing a shirt…which is not accepted these days walked down the street at 8am in the morning. Keep it legal and keep scrolling down for this weeks post. When I posted up the Deco complete bike it sold the next day but we built up another one…just want to keep this one up to show we build these to spec but also have another in the line up dropping soon. NEW releases also are the 3 Camp hats. With inter bike coming up soon we will be showing off a new handlebar called the MUSTACHE bars, Spoke wrench, and more to come. Enjoy your weekend and stay dry and safe and reduce the amount of labor you do cause its a holiday weekend… -Chad D Continue reading

One Week in Russia youtube 25min video, my story, tons of pics with captions, and instaVids so scroll down and enjoy.

One Week in Russia

Delta flights on August 15-22nd traveling Orlando-Amsterdam-Moscow-NYC-Orlando 12,080 miles in the air. Let me say the flights over we have preferred seats but the return was all business class and I can truly say it is a crazy difference. So huge to be upgraded and so many perks. Going into details would only scratch the surface as you just have to live it.

Flights were booked and paid for less than 24 hours before departure. Over 60 of us on-call and on edge. But its pretty unanimous we all wanted to have this experience that most people will never have. Didn’t know till the end that our full tickets were not set till almost the last day. Which means all of us might be stuck or having to book new tickets to get home. It all worked out but not without some stress.

Huge get together in another part of the world. Rain and other reasons the event was cancelled. But we all made the best of it. Only 40 minute Uber ride to the city center or Red Square. Miles of walking each time but worth seeing Gorky park, all the architecture, and shopping along with eating and drinking.

Red Square free day today. Uber style to get there. Huge crew so this is going to be interesting. We all could hang out anywhere but we are in Russia. Huge get together in another part of the world. Since we had a few tour guides we went off the beaten path and went to The State Tretyakov gallery seeing a painting from 1694 and newer and also art and sculptures. More info on this place: Pavel Tretyakov started collecting art in the middle of 1850. The founding year of the Tretyakov Gallery is considered to be 1856, when Tretyakov purchased two paintings of Russian artists: Temptation by N.G. Schilder and Skirmish with Finnish Smugglers by V.G. Kudyakov, although earlier, in 1854-1855, he had bought 11 graphic sheets and 9 pictures of old Dutch masters. In 1867 the Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov was opened. The Gallery’s collection consisted of 1,276 paintings, 471 sculptures and 10 drawings of Russian artists, as well as 84 paintings by foreign masters.

There is a template to the Russian women here. Same size and same look. Very nice and beautiful. Kinda nice and refreshing old people you do not see much of. Russian men are funny with an anger look and shaved heads. Not a whole lot of style to the men but women dress up.

I’m the first to say that my ego is big but it should be. Why can’t I be proud and say it loud. That word alone might need a little more looking into. Maybe I didn’t before I’m going on this rant but life is how you make it. Situations and friends make you stronger and who you are. Dealing with hard times always leads to thinking about better times. But are they really hard or hard in your mind. This could be way worse. Flying in an Airbus is pretty fucking dope. My ego is at an all time high. But it’s rubbing off on the people around me to get that natural high. Follow me here:

Follow me on snapchat CHADISRADASADAD  and Instagram @chaddegroot and know my Facebook is blowing up and updated often.  Thank you to: Dave Brumlow for the invite and always good times, Clay Brown my roommate and partner in crimes while in Russia, Konstantine and Sashi or Aleksandr for so many rides and tour guides plus amazing riders and just straight up good people, Delta for letting me travel and get 230k miles and a sweet upgrade to business class. DecoBMX, Profile Racing, Vans, Mr B’s, #decobmx #profileracing #profileZcoaster #bmx #wheremybiketookme #flatland #russia #russianxchallenge #karaoke ALSO go follow the crew in this @davebrumlow @kylenoble @clayer72 @vanderhoman @chaddegroot @brockfloca @tjellis_ @renoldsfiend @marklosey @davebrumlow @mikehucker @colinlikewhat @tymoe @_sun_say_ @koshtrik @fnd_bob @dennisenarson @chadkerley @brunohoffmann @patcaseybmx @seanricany @kevinperaza

This video is just over 25 minutes long and based off my accounts on snapchat and a bit of riding. Did not plan on making a full video but its really hard to cut much out. Maybe sit back and open your mind and enjoy this as we all did…One Week in Russia –Chad D


Architecture is pretty amazing in Red Square almost Disney like.


This crew is pretty nuts.


Kremlin. We did not go inside cause the lines were so long but we should have.


Red Square is pretty dope. Great people watching. These buildings were all government years ago but recent years they are offices and more.


Must have gotten in trouble, take off his head.


This place never got old. We went into the city center 4 of the 7 days of this trip.


Behind this fountain is a smooth area that is pretty famous flatland area. Van and me decided to get grass dresses and take this pic, non stop comedy.


Amazing looking buildings everywhere. Even better at night.


Fluffy flowers outside of the Kremlin where Tom Cruise is as you read this.


The tight vert ramp in the middle of the park across from our hotel.


Getting in a session at the park. Spreading my wings and enjoying the cool weather. Thanks Losey for the pic.


Back wheel boogie by Mark Losey.


Flatrails pollute every city. They are everywhere. Clay hits one with a great backdrop.


Decade in front of this church. Look at all that gold.


Losey wanted to look awesome for this lawn mower, pretty sure he did it correct?


Thought this area looked cool so I cruised around on the seat for the snap by Losey.


Losey is color blind and he is missing out on the vivid buildings and my bright red set up.  Pic by Losey.


X Challenge area, look at the mega ramp and tanks everywhere. Sucks it didn’t happen.



Check out my videos below riding in front of this…its insanely huge.


Not sure why there is a cat but I get the solider with the rifle and the military helicopter in the background. Meow.


Follow @thelittlemotherfucker on instagram to see where this middle finger red gnome gets in to.


5 or 6 am is beautiful in Moscow…party all night till the sun comes up.



Red Square at night.


Found this gem at the toy store…had to buy it.


Konstantine is an awesome rider for Haro and Profile Racing. Check his vids below as he is so dialed. He also showed us around Moscow and more. Check the whole video above.


The restroom or Water Closet symbols.


Van woke up late and almost missed the plane home. Brushing his teeth at the airport and made it on his flight.


Chilling heel tuck no hander in circle.


Business class is so crazy better than in the back…got it…lived it.


Business Class style…shocka.


Delta TRASHED my bike bag. Broke the wheel off and slashed the bottom. They were super nice and cut me a check so I am going to order a new one.


Here are my instavids that I posted up:

Lil decade action next to some Russian tanks. #profileracing #decobmx #profilezcoaster #bmx

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@koshtrik killing it for @profile_racing and @harobmx #russia

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