My Friend Stumpy or Brian thought it would be funny and interesting to pay a site to do a paper. It was $10 and he chose my name and BMX. It took a few weeks then he received this “History of Chad DeGroot” which is pretty funny, good, and some info is just worded so weird you have to decide what to think of it. So here is this weeks opener…enjoy. 

History of Chad Degroot in Bmx

Chad is a rough bike rider, born back in 1975, at Green Bay in the USA. His first ride was in April 2006, a time when he found everything interesting (“Biography Of Chad. Degroot” , pg. 6). Over the past few years, he has taken his riding to a greater extent, due to his originality. Uniquely, he uses tricks such as riding with the crack packer behind his seat to beat his competitors (“Biography Of Chad. Degroot”, pg. 8). However, he began getting ready for BMX in 1986, following the fact that he remembered how much he needed to learn more tricks on his bike. At the same time, it was a time when he was getting himself committed to bike riding as he felt it would become his lifetime task. It is clear that the main reasons why he felt that he was good at it involved the fact he possessed freedom and rode for transportation purposes. At the same time, his addiction was also greatly facilitated by the zeal to learn concerning the bike and how all its parts worked. Concerning getting prepared for a particular competition, he ensured that he had a new pair of socks, a chewing gum, as well as rehearses some of his tricks before the actual race.

Unfortunately, he broke his back in January 1996 (“Biography Of Chad. Degroot” , pg.10). The incidence occurred a time when he was engaging in a race for Schwinn as well as toured in most of his day. During the actual day, he was practicing as usual alongside his two coaches, who insisted on doing flips. It is so unfortunate that he was never taught how to save himself when upside down, and as a result, he experienced injuries on his shoulder and the back. Later on, after recovering, he went back to standard.

Precisely, he dreams of riding in South America and Russia (Polynter). However, despite being the best BMX athlete, he chose to move to entrepreneurship. His decision came by, at the end of 1997, after the shutdown of the local skate park in Florida. With his colleagues, they decided to build a particular child’s house possessing various tennis courts. After the boy had realized that Chad would be of great help, he requested for a partnership – which was signed during his 18th birthday (Polynter). After the agreement, they managed to open a standard skate park in the entire country. For this reason, Chad began to think about adventuring in business.

He chose Succubus name for his business and felt that he named it in connection to the product frame. Being in BMX had taught him how to remain innovative and to maintain his dream through an increased use of various tricks. At the same time, despite the fact that his started frame does not relate with sexuality – as Succubus suggest- it possesses the capacity to consume an individual (Polynter). Following the fact that it is a strong word, it implies how he dreamt of beginning something which in the long run would stand out.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Chad is substantially a busy person. In simpler terms, he ranges from being sponsored to engage in the BMX ride, became the owner of Deco BMX to the owner of the M. B’s bike shop, is a family man, as well as have a new idea each and every day. Nevertheless, he is recently involved in a Kaleidoscope color way concerning racing profile.

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Friday. It’s here each and every week. With my battery running in the red I am trying to finish this quickly but make it for a good read. Final step is this intro. Looking out the window here in Wisconsin at my brother house knowing the crisp air is out there. Today is moving day for my dad. Over 50years in the same house he collected some crazy items. Some of mine so its a walk down memory lane. Old sponsors, new bike parts still in the box, and just some junk that I have to let go of. Same with my dad. Ran across a bike I forgot I had and will be restoring. Funny and wild what you hang onto. For some reason it is saved with intentions of using or something on a later date. Or just transport it to a new location to store it for another 50 years…We all save stuff for some reason or another. We might not know why or for how long we need to save stuff. But memory lane is pretty cool if you ask me. And no regrets for throwing stuff away and also saving it. This is what we do as humans. Stuff. More stuff. Hopefully its good stuff. I am moving forward this year as my resolution was to “Have Less Stuff”. Now you know what I am doing this year. Have a good one. And enjoy your stuff. -Chad D
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Claustrophobic. Getting two MRI’s today was guided into the tube and I freaked out and squeezed the panic ball numerous times. First one was 25min and the 2nd is 20min. I was all of 10 seconds in and that ball was getting squeezed. Lady asked me if I was Claustrophobic and I responded “YES, I guess I am…”. To find out in this manner started to make sense. I hate lines. Hate the window seat on planes. My mind would not let this happen and a panic attack was about to happen. So she figured going in backwards at least I can see…so I did it. Tried to sleep but the noises the machine was making were screaming in my head making me upstable. So I decided to count the dots on the tube. Then I was like…maybe count from 1 to 1000. That will take awhile and I have never done that. But when I got to 282 283 I thought maybe this MRI will take till I get to 1000. So do I count faster or just stop. The heat on my stomach from the machine is making me sweat but there is cold air on my feet. FINALLY the tray scooted back and I got out and off the table and the lady asked me if we are going to do the next one. I said hell no and the noises from that machine in my head are making me crazy. She walked me up to the front desck to get a partial refund and she said in an elevated tone “he’s claustrophobic. THANKS. Now I know. May 31, 2017

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