This week is all about the events. Go support these, tune in, and make comments. From grand opening bmx friendly parks to benefits, to just a good ol jam. InstaVids are on FIRE this week as well. Repost and enjoy. See you at one or all and keep in mind if your doing some cool shit holla our way. Keep it real. Real cool. -Chad D
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Experience the evolution of Flatland BMX from the 80s to present day. “STAGES” brings together two of the scene’s most iconic riders, Red Bull athlete Yohei Uchino & the legendary Chad DeGroot as they travel through time re-exploring a range of tricks & styles from the Cherry Picker and Scuffing to the highly technical modern era of Flatland BMX. Song credits: Red Bull Content Pool Audio Library Athletes featured: Yohei Uchino @uchinoyohei & Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high. Watch Red Bull TV: But also a quick link to the slideshow and more HERE

Behind the scenes…this is so good.

Mat Olson by Clay Brown on the recent Pusher BMX mountain trip.

@matuptobat just got sent a handful of amazing photos taken by @thejeffbrockmeyer from a couple summers ago. @woodwardcopper has some of the best set ups for taking solid photos. @pusher_bmx @profile_racing @merkemgoods #pusherbmx #profileracing #merkemgoods #matknowsdeco #bmx #colorado #woodwardcopper

Some pics from CUBA behind the scenes.

@markmulville Little #throwback to earlier this year. Turndown at the #grapefruittrails – captured by @mapter – big thanks to @shawnride666 and the rest of the #gftcrew.

@matuptobat at @woodwardcopper with a flip turn up into the night sky shot by @thejeffbrockmeyerat the old outdoor set up location.

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InstaVids for this week:

Driving to what I believe is my most favorite spot. I think I’ve never had a huge respect so quickly for a spot. Takes time, work out the bugs, figure the times, creepers creep, maintenance crews, and other issues or tribulations. It’s is a decent drive but well worth it. Wondering if I am going to capture a clip or just have a session. Thinking of something my daughter said last night. My daughter “Coco” was about to go to bed and I told her that I was going to teach her how to moonwalk. And what blew me away is I mean moonwalking is pretty bad ass so why not. So when I told my daughter I will teach her, she looked at me and said “if you remember“. It’s tomorrow now and  I’m driving to the new spot thinking about last night I thought she was messing with me. Like I forget everything at night or something. But now that I think about it it’s just not a huge deal you know if I teacher I teach, or if I don’t I don’t, but if I remember and I remembered. Helped to send myself a message to remind myself to teach her how to moonwalk and why not? So teaching has begun. Also filming a new trick at this new spot. -Chad D
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Since of recent I can’t do one of my harsh but favorite things to do…run. No ranting or raving and another whole story why I run. But I can’t now. Making up for this I started to walk. Walking sucks. Its slow, you know you can go faster, and there is a slowing sense but also a feeling of old in the air. But I started this and would like to on the daily. Beats headphones and The Moth. This is how I roll…or walk. You see when I ran I had no music so my mind for 20 some minutes was working in a way that was so productive. Figuring out the day, what is going on, what is going to go on, etc. Now walking with storytelling really chokes me up. The words, situations, execution, order of events, events, and most of all so well played. So follow me on my walk today. Restrepo is a War Documentary where two men allow the realities of war to speak for themselves in an unnarrated documentary about a U.S. platoon in Afghanistan. Sebastian is telling his short story about this as I see a lady picking up dog poop. Very nice people carry lil baggies and scoop up piping hot fresh (and hopefully firm) dog poop. We all have seen this but this lady lifted the tail of her dog to check for some unintentional stray near the asshole. Not finding any she proceeded to keep walking. As they walked by me in normal fashion I lift my hand as to greet people in a very informal way but its just kind enough to show we notice each other. The fucking dog had shoes on. Kid you not. 4 shoes with little like buckles or some shit that looked so fancy and nice it made my head skip. Actually had to rewind this story I was into cause shoes on a dog abrupted my thoughts. Thank you for reading this. I could go on more…but this is my intro so take it. Enjoy. -Chad D

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