Why do good people stay quit when bad people are loud? Put a hat on it. New ones are here and Camp or Dad 5 panels arrive soon. Details below. Tokyo, Russia, Florida, Alabama, Venezuela…check below #decobmx we out there. Say it loud and say it proud. Fall is here in most areas. Coming into the last few months of this sweet year. Make it count. Have a great weekend all you bubs and holla at what is good in your hood #decobmx and thanks. INSERT BUMPS… -Chad D Continue reading

Grew up playing basketball among other sports and activities. These days I directly see the result of little glowy things like iPads and computers. Hard for me to wrap around the fact that famous people use to be a category now the word “famous” was replaced by  “youtube or youtuber”. My kids have stared more at their iPads than Jimmy Levan has stared at himself to get ready in the mirror. Tonight before dinner bell goes off, which was 10 minutes away, we go outside and play some basketball. Its really nice our hoop is forgiving and a bit lower than regulation. Figure we play 10 minutes then eat. My daughter sees a school bus #211 where the two 1’s are lower than the rest. Its 6pm who is driving this so late? That second after we turned back to basketball a huge rottweiler dog runs in front of the bus. Brakes squeal the front tires. Then the dog just starts to run off…not fast but enough where the owner could not catch. Neighbors all come running out cause it was a unique noise plus a big yellow bus at night. Owner can’t catch her dog and they run around the corner. Guess this had to be seen by my kids so I could answer their questions. They describe what they see. None of us know what to do next. But deep in my mind if they asked why puerto rico has no power and the hurricanes keep hitting the island would be a tough explanation. Thoughts for that dog, think he will be fine, but…puerto rico and the islands are changed for life. Thoughts about all the BMX’rs and people of the islands, be safe. -Chad D Continue reading


Taylor Bonds by @jimmyjams_13

“Took a liking to this bank set up at Mullaly Skatepark in the Bronx yesterday. Day three of the #maidenamericatour
Pic care of @dillonleeper

The news is out. The shop is back! @PoynterBros Pro Shop grand opening goes down this Saturday!

@pusher_bmx with the new store front graphics. Thanks for the support fellas. Holding it down for #decobmx in Denver Colorado.

Excited and Honored to Announce that this years NORA Cup Flatland Rider of the Year will be announced at Voodoo Jam on 9.9.17 in New Orleans. Thanks to @ridebmx for trusting us with giving out this prestigious award. It will be a special night for Flatland BMX! #voodoojam#noracup #ridebmx #bmx #flatland#flatlandbmx #neworleans #nola

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Old dogs modifying old, legendary spots. – @matt_coplon – care of @dillonleeper

If your in the Central Florida area stop by Disney springs to see Scott Weaver, Chad DeGroot, Rob Nolli, and Kirk Bailey rolling around. For @bmxtrickstars

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@tbonds69 with a Couple of uprail warm ups ?: @yung_mustache #decobmx #bmx

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That crash is cross legged n brutal ? @ryantorrancebmx uprail session. #decobmx #bmx #florideco

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@terryadamsbmx rides for #decobmx and is ?

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