Hot AF. Have you said this yet? Well it was cold AF so now take it and get out and ride n enjoy. Even if its hot. Check out this week below and there is a variety from 20 years on the job to a podcast of so many stories and more. Featured vids also and an event coming up you should make it to…enjoy this week and weekend. -Chad D Continue reading

Hyped to drop this dope full length from Jona Jahchan, who put in work behind the lens and computer to put the Florida scene on…

?”We started this project to showcase some of Florida’s street spots as well as some of the up and coming riders from the area. There is this stigma that ‘Florida has no spots’ but that is because no one wants to put in the hours to find them, Florida is a super flat state surrounded by water so it definitely dampers the selection and quality of the spots. We spent the past year and a half driving throughout Florida, and parts of Georgia to get all the clips in this video.” –Jona

Riders include (order in appearance)
mike alewine: @chefbomike
jack O’Leary: @jack_oleary
Zach ozment: @zuri_ozment
jona jahchan: @jonajahchan
Jason deener: @jmedina86
Brad hill: @trapmoose
Caine thron :@cainedricklamar
jabe jones: @jabejones
lewis colascione: @lewiscolascione
kade boyden: @kadebydn
James Peterson: @rangerjames_
john Patterson: @_johnpatterson
Francisco jiminez: @frangoesham
Bjarki Hardarson : @bjarkihardarson

Real leather in natural and black just dropped…get em HERE.

WELCOME Sietse to DecoBMX “sietsevanberkelReally happy to announce that I’m part of the @decobmxteam! ? Big thanks to @chaddegrootand @hiroshi430 ? Stoked on the quality of the new ride, how it looks and feels! ? I’ll be riding the @tsutomukitayama Jackpot signature: Get luck on your side! ? Good things to come! @decobmx

Mat Olson and his show set up is coming along nice and booking now.

Upcoming events:

InstaVids for this week:

Just jibbin ….. bump to drop in on a bench!?!?!? #bmx

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