Who’s counting the weeks…its summer. Maybe you maybe me. Lets be true…its not you. Unless you waiting on new Deco goods to arrive. Soft goods in stock and more tees real soon. Pizza is the food of summer and why not. Eat it, ride it all, and be happy. Recap of the contests or jams you went to or plan on going for the next few months. And remember the good stuff. All of it. #decobmx @decobmx and scroll down for some serious entertainment. Ya bubs. -Chad D Continue reading

Was on a run this morning and heard a biker coming up quick behind me. As she passed she was trying to sing. Was horrible and raspy and not particularly attractive. But her look of enjoyment swerving around the bike path singing was pretty beautiful. She was in a zone and this is how people should be. Get in the zone. Zone into this post below and enjoy. -Chad D Continue reading