The bird. Middle finger. Tall finger. 3rd digit. Flipping the bird. One of two in the pink. Most feel its offensive gesture. Made popular by punk and rappers. Many ¬†forms, some half ass and some bold. From a girl I saw today in my review mirror was sideways. My reaction was to boil a bit but access the situation. Lady was trying to go faster and its a two lane road with about 25 cars in front of me. So there is no solution as she may have been boiling more than me. Dreams of slamming on the brakes but that never ends well. Simple brake taps irritated her even more. So my reaction was to use the ebrake as no brake lights come on. So it startled her and more birds were motioned and some harsh words I assume from reading her lips in my rear view mirror. Finally splits into 4 lanes and just assume she would have to pass so I speed up and she barely makes it and what did I see? Baby seat in the middle back with a baby in it. Lady has some problems and anger issues so as she was passing I gently gave her my bird and she flew away swerving into multiple lane changes. Oh what a rushed and stressed morning can do, but I thank her for a few reasons; I don’t know her and never hope to, she made me mad but I used it to write this and research origins and uses of the BIRD, and lastly feelings of anger never win and she made me stronger as a person from a simple interaction at 8am on a Monday. -Chad D Continue reading