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My name is Mat and i’m up to bat!  I ride my bike as much as possible, specially when it involves traveling to new places and check out new spots. I like to ride street and park, but my heart is home at the trails. Go high  and fast, that’s the recipe for fun. I ride in BMX stunt shows for work and I ride after for fun. I don’t need much in life. Good times, good friends, and good times.Remember this…BMX is only limited to your own creativity and Deco. is the shit!


Mat O super super man


Mat Olson open loop tdown texas IMG_4952.JPG

Mat Olson wild whip

Mat Olson Cover of BMX Plus

Mat Olson for Deco Bmx from alex hammett on Vimeo.

Mat Olson over tooth by @cameronasa

Mat bat


Bridge ride pic by: Travis Kincaid #traviskincaidphotography and @crujonesisradd


Mat Olson helmet pocket air Mat Olson one hell of a TBOG dirt

Mat Olson superman


Mat Olson 3 tuck Woodward

This one time Mat Olson went to Kona skatepark in Jacksonville Florida and rode the sketchy quarter at the end of the snake run, airing this bitch is hard enough, he threw in some TBOG style. #decobmx

Mat O tbog at Kona by covington

Mat Olson nac by covington

Mat Olson DecoBMX 2013 from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Mat grand opening

Mat O wild transfer whip Mat O one foot nac

Mat Olson flip city

Mat Olson Bike Check & Update Edit from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Mat Olson Getting Sent from alex hammett on Vimeo.

Mat Olson had the please of riding the oldest skatepark in our nation KONA and he whipped its ass with this invert beyond the extension you need, holy shit balls. Pic by: Covington #matknowsdeco


Fall 2012 edit.



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SPONSORS:  2722be2e2dedf2a28ee3897773e8eba5 


Chad DeGroot is the founder of Deco. BMX started in 2009. “DE” is short for “DeGroot” and “CO.” is “Company”.  Put it together “DECO.” and you know why the name is what it is. You gotta live in the present and look to the future, if you have a problem with that Chad will be your teacher. He was quoted as saying “Look how you want to be seen.” He lives by this moto. His current sponsors are: Deco., Profile Racing,  Baco Designs, Mr. B’s or Mr Bikes N Boards, and Vans since ’66

Winner of Transworld’s RIDE BMX magazine Nora cup 3 years in a row 2002, 2003, and 2004.

“This link covers my start, follows most of my years, and ends in present day…and it’s pretty accurate”

“ESPN interview with some amazing pics and comments”

“ESPN featured my backyard pool, kind of a spot check after it was all painted up and ready to ride”

“Kurt at The Union gave me this interview”

Beard check:

Pics, this link is real good and real funny, WOW is all I have to say…

Vital interview and bike check click the pic or Bike-check-Chad-n-bike



Check out One Week in Russia HERE


Degroot #5

A long time ago I brewed beer. Cover shot in the hot springs Colorado. Stance Ale.



Chad D darkside rocker Penske




Chad D peristyle @ooti

Team HARO 2002

IMG_1768 11118835_10153197190431394_9107245721425905845_o






BMX Plus Decades Nov2015

Chad D no hand crack

Chad BOB dirty


Chad Degroot Curved Wall Trey Jones Chad Degroot Nose Fakie Trey Jones

Chad Decades Plus

Cover of Chicago’s Red Eye magazine from @bikesoverbaghdad #bikesoverbaghdad


Chad D whip darkside Target

Chad DeGroot Darkside whip DECOBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Check out CHAD DEGROOT featured in a kids book called “CYCLING” out of London England. Osbourne publishing company’s own Hazel Maskell liked this photo taken at Woodward Camp the summer of 2013. Pic by: Josh McElwee. 
  • A guide to the exhilarating world of cycling, from mountain biking to the Tour de France.
  • Children can enter the world of professional cyclists, including classic road races, mountain climbs, amazing BMX tricks and more.
  • Internet links allow readers to access more information online via carefully selected and monitored websites with exciting video clips and information about cycling as a sport.
  • With dramatic photographs, detailed diagrams and cartoon-strip stories, this book is ideal for readers who prefer real-life action to fiction.
  • Chad D CYCLING Book




Chad D B W one hand one foot



Chad is riding the TA frame in gloss Black for Flatland and the Self Titled Street frame in Raw for park and street. More info HERE

 TA frame Gloss BlackSelf Titled Street Frame Raw



Chad D nose pic maitland

Click pic below to see all things BACO and about the Documentary and ordering.


As seen in BMX Plus review and great words…


Chad’s DeGroot House edit from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Degroot Tabe Cumberland

Degroot Backwards Decade Chowda

Degroot Ped Decade Degroot Providence Wall Degroot Darkside

profile_degroot_plus Chad D bar flip Chad D knee to seat side view Chad Flat bike check side shot

Chad D tire slide by Adam LZ

Rad Dad feature on BMX Online, check it all out here

Chad Rad Dad in Ride



Here is a little throwback with Nora cup voting Flatlander of the Year.

Chad D Top 5 flatland




Here is another angle of Chad D’s bike check on the profile site and be sure to look close at that Profile Freecoaster, its good, real good. Pic By:Matt Coplon/Profile Racing

Chad #3

 You like baseball? How about hitch hiking between 2nd and 3rd bases at the Miami Marlins stadium.
Miami Marlins hitch hiking from 3rd to 2nd base inside marlins stadium

As seen in HIDDEN magazine issue #1

Chad Hidden page


Chad shoot for 2014 calendar

Profile: Dog Days at Woodward East with Mulville and Degroot. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.


This is my cover shot of FREEDOM magazine in Germany. Was on a Standard trip and while at a skatepark I blew up my back tire so I had to borrow Dave Freimuth’s bike, all virgin white. Chico clothing style, baggy as hell shorts, stupid face hair…but doing the pedal boogie for a cover.

Woodward camp 2013 pic by Matt Coplon

Profile Summer Mix from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Thanks to Rob Dolecki and the Kickstart crew for this wild morning with Mulville at Orlando Skatepark. Check the Dolecki pics and why we get up so early and ride in the AM CLICK HERE Tons of pics of Mulville as well with an over under that Mark was scared to do, he is actually like 3 feet over my back. There is an interview on why I ride in the AM hours, pretty rad.  -Chad D

Miami hopper to bars out before COB in Japan late 2012 by instagram @rutgerpauw

Pic by: Covington – Coplon


HARDTAILNATION interview…CLICK HERE to read on.

Pic By: Brian Stump

This pic I had to look at a few times. I wasn’t into it at first but then I noticed my feet and hand situation and I’m pumped James Covington got this pic…enjoy. -Chad D

Ohh the darkside. This trick to this day is fun. When I am 50 I will still be doing this. It started as an accident then led into the transition from front wheel to back or vice versa. This pic by James Covington captures it at the best point, one hand on the front tire, one on the back, both feet off, and in motion. Good times, go packers, ra ra 2013 shocka. -Chad D


Check PICS HERE as well.

Youtube: HERE

DECOBMX MEMORIES – Chad Degroot Kerry Gatt Hiroshi Uehara – from hiroshi430 on Vimeo.

My new whip for 2013

Florida winters are incredible, no shirt needed. Pics self taken by Chad DeGroot

Mulville blasting over a hang 5

Chad scooting around the bars. Pic by:James Covington


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Check out his signature JACKPOT frame HERE. Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.58.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.57.51 PM

As seen on  ? @tsutomukitayama ??

?@littleshao #nikonfr



Tsutomu and Voodoo jam

Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 1 Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 4 Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 3Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 2

Voodoojam 2014




Tsutomu mid hop

Tsutomu cover of Hidden mag

Tsutomu front wheel spin trees

Tsutomu can can fuji


Tsutomu 3rd place flat ark

Chilling in Spain

Let me know some your information?
I’m Tsutomu Kitayama, my sponsors are, DECOBMX ,G-SHOCK ,DC shoes , 430.
I’m 28 years old, born in 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been riding for 10 years.

How did you join DECO BMX?
DECO has tough spirit and stick to his gun, that gravitates me a lot. And I also want to bring something new in flatland scene.

How do you like DECO BMX?
It’s Rock’n roll, hard core. Besides of quality of a bike, the most important thing is motivation. DECO has cool style and motivates me a lot. I see something important in DECO, more than that skills can tell.

How do you see BMX scene in Tokyo

It’s definitely improved since 10 years ago. There are bunch of riders with style and they push them further. We enjoy riding. Japan is one of the biggest BMX countries now.

Last word?
I love BMX!

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Voodoo Jam 2013 1st place

G-SHOCK BMX 2013 REAL TOUGHNESS OSAKA STAGE from hiroshi430 on Vimeo.

Tsutomu Kitayama | Voodoo Prejam 2013 from robpossible on Vimeo.

Congrats to Tsutomu for winning 2013 Voodoo Jam in New Orleans. Check out pics like these on the RED BULL page pics by FAT TONY.

DECO BMX Team Rider Tsutomu Kitayama Japan from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Japanese flag

Lee Musselwhite dymo team

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Sponsors:image1 image2 Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.55.07 AM Deco. sticker

Here is a link to his personal site, check it often…AND more videos HERE.

Lee Musselwhite Deco d out

Lee Musselwhite back seat cost by DeGroot Lee Musselwhite spider glide by DeGroot

Lee Musselwhite 0047_1


Lee 18.3.2015

BMX Flatland Vs Street Bike Freestlye from In motion media on Vimeo.

Lee Musselwhite BMX Flatland Master from In motion media on Vimeo.


dwn side 2



Lee pedal coast by Jason College Lee doing loads of shows


NEW Flail boomerang variation in to one of my signature moves “The Pheonix”

Lee says “I invented this move many years ago, it was the first limbless one wheeled rolling Flatland move ever to be done. I called it the “Spider Glide” had picture’s published in the BMX mags at the time. I only recently realised I didn’t have any footage of the full combo anymore, so I resurrected the move to get it on film.

Incase your wondering it hurts like hell and is stupid hard to stay balanced haha


Lee Musselwhite spider glide


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SPONSORS: Tiger Balm   Vigor WayScreen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.57.59 AM

DECO TERRY ADAMS TA FRAME, our first FRAME ONLY rider is doing it for Deco. Scroll down to see pics of his frame in Silver.

To go to Terry’s own website CLICK HERE



Terry Adams Bar Flip BR

Terry Adams Hip Whip Hammond


TA sunset 2

Terry Adams Session at Wirtz Warehouse from Banner Collective on Vimeo.

The Adams Visit Venice from David Mavro on Vimeo.

2014-Flatland-BMX-Calendar-DecoTA cover of 2014 calendar



Great interview  right here

One Love Jam coverage in the May 2014 issue of BMX Plus featuring #flatland Moto on the cover and @terryadamsbmx front wheel flip. #decobmx #taknowsdeco more info and  take a close look at that TA signature frame out NOW.

bmxplusmay2014 TA May BMX Plus

TA signature frame in Silver or Black. More info and specs HERE.

TA frame side shot silver

Check out TA on the cover and full interview at: 

Ehway Cover with Terry Adams

Terry Adams – History in the Making – Diversion Retrospective. BMX Flatland
I sat down with Terry Adams 10 years after he first appeared in Diversion Video Magazine series in 2003. Since that time, there has been a long list of events and videos that were out of the ordinary “riding edit.” We discuss some highlights over the years including a previously unreleased performance at a red carpet fashion show in Los Angeles for Jennifer Lopez.

Crossfit demos in front of a LOT of people

Terry at the Worlds in Germany 2013

TA taking 3rd place at Dew Tour in Ocean City

Voodoo Jam in NOLA 2013


Terry at Trans Jam in Athens 1st place and agro face.

Terry Adams for Freegun Underwear 2013

Slow Motion Flatland BMX – Terry Adams “Retrospective”

Terry at Circle of Balance 2012 in Japan.

DECO TERRY ADAMS TA FRAME, our first FRAME ONLY rider is doing it for Deco. Here are some specs on his frame:

75 degree headtube 71 seat tube

13.25″ chainstay


14mm dropout slots

11.85 BB height

Removable 990 tabs

Mid Bottom Bracket

BUILT IN Chain tensioners

When you make Terry Adams happy he gives you shout outs in fancy places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and invites you to be awesome, which is pretty awesome. What is more awesome than awesome? “The TA model has everything I have always wanted in a great solid traditional looking flatland frame. It’s not gimmicky, has a simple design, and its built to last. Its still short but long enough to make you feel like a man. Removable tabs and built in chain tensioners to keep things practical. This frame is everything I want between my legs. This is some quality sh*t that will provide tons of fun and give you a happy ending every time you ride it.” -Terry Adams


Thomas Noyer dymo team

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Sponsors: Esprit bmx franceXplicitLockwoodlogo-snatch-png24Deco-Banner-copy-600x234

Thomas N foot coast

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 9.47.04 AM


I’m 30 years old, born in 1983 in south of France. I started riding bmx 13 years ago watching props and baco videos series. I’ve been riding flatland for 11 years now.

How did I join DECO?
I joined DECO thanks to Thierry, the boss and team manager of the french ESPRIT bmx online shop which was in relation with Chad to distribute DECO in France and outside. I really enjoyed his proposition to ride for this brand and this amazing team!

How do i like DECO?
I think DECO is a company focus on products to make feel good riders on their stuff. A brand with his own philosophy:  made by riders for riders! Furthermore, it seems DECO follow a lot of his team rider and take care of them! It’s the best motivation i had in my rider life to represent DECO with this quality of products and to be part of this amazing team! DECO make me proud of what i do with my bike!!

Which part do i prefer on my bike?
It’s my DECO succubus lite frame (19’5 ” TT), because the frame is the skeleton and the main part of my bike. His appearance is balanced and very clean. He’s very stable from front wheel and super nervous from backwheel. I got quickly used to this frame both for rolling tricks than turbines tricks. I hope that will be a long long way together this frame and me!!!


Thomas Noyer from FISE by Maxime Cassagne



THOMASNOYER-BIKECHECK-2014-853x1024Thomas Noyer demo Vendee



Maxime Cassagne pics at ABC

Thomas Noyer pedal press ft scuffThomas Noyer crank glide ABC

During the last month, i tried to learn some moves and tricks with “frontyard” as basic trick. Here is the result, hope you will like it!

A lil edit to end well this year in which i tried to combinate differents pendulum trick. Enjoy!

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 35 going on 16.

I work by day, ride by afternoon, and write by night.

I pay homage to my scene here:
I pay homage to the many people I meet here:
And I support DECO because its good people….

Coplon curved wall Milwaukee

Coplon curved wall cali trip

Coplon huge gap Tampa

Coplon out of his comfort

Coplon Bar Ft. Desoto

Matt Coplon. May 25th. 8 Hours in Tampa. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

Coplon double tire white ledge Matt Coplon mailtland

Coplon nose press cali

Coplon Pocket Degroot

Coplon Foot Plant Ybor Screen Shot

Coplon surf to table bday

Copon J R trailer tabes

Coplon Rock Tabe Nebraska

\Coplon Tabe Gap Clearwater

Coplon Fakie Bar

Coplon on the J & R trailerCoplon Rail BoostCoplon Rail Tabe

Matt Coplon. Deco: See You Soon, Love Always. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

Matt Coplon cooking and spreading the Battle Bowl in Riverside by Aaron Nardi, 2 angles…dang that piece is pretty choice.

Coplon Battle Blow in Riverside by Aaron NardiCoplon Battle Blow in Riverside by Aaron Nardi angle 2




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My name is Hiroshi Uehara. BMX FLATLAND rider. And clothing designer called 430.

And BFWC Flatland judge
I love BMX and Dark side trick.


Hiroshi magazine shot


Check out Hiroshi on THE HUNDREDS


Hiroshi decade

Hiroshi darkside

Hiroshi Uehara
Born 1977, Co-founder of Fourthirty. Since 90’s, Hiroshi has been
riding for years and attended major USA contests as ESPN X-Games and BMX
Flatland World Circuit as a main judge beside of riding.
And distributor and rider of DECOBMX in japan.
His apparel brand, Fourthirty also influences to the street fashion scenes around
Harajuku TOKYO .
Hiroshi’s been well recognized worldwide in the fields of
fashion and BMX and BMX events.
Diversion TV interview

Put up with my tweets, rants, and randomness… Twitter:!/TEAM430

DECOBMX MEMORIES – Chad Degroot Kerry Gatt Hiroshi Uehara – from hiroshi430 on Vimeo.

Check out my Instagram: hiroshi430

florida trio movie.
430 dvd trailer

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Interview: 4130 Magazine

Rider: Alejandro Marques

Something about yourself and how you discover BMX…

My name is Alejandro Marques, I was born in 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela. I grew up riding around all kinds of bikes. One day I saw someone doing freestyle on the street and that amazed me, so I decided to go buy a BMX bike, it was a really used and damaged PK Ripper but it worked for me to start.

What about Flatland?

I met BMX Flatland on ESPN 97’ Xtrials, it was Chad DeGroot with his Haro Master and a really good mustache. Is it a coincidence that I’m riding for his brand now? I don’t think so!

How long have you been riding?

On June 18th 1998 I was able to finally buy my first bike with 4 pegs an almost 45 pounds Haro Shredder, from that day until now I have never stopped riding flatland!

How did you start learning the tricks?

I had the Baco 5 and the Dorkin York on VHS, I watched them every day before leaving to ride, I learned most of my tricks from those videos and I believe that’s actually where my current style comes from. I ride Park sometimes also, I do exhibitions and I compete sometimes.

How do you like Deco BMX?

I have had a lot of bikes during this 19years, when I heard of Deco I wanted to try its parts because I knew it was going to be something good. I have been riding with Deco parts for over 4 yrs now and I can assure it is the best brand.

Which one is your favourite part?

Definitely the seat, it has the best grip for my fingers, it is pivotal and it’s padded so I can seat. It’s great!




Interview: 4130 Magazine

Rider: Alejandro Marques

Dinos algo acerca de ti y sobre cómo descubriste el BMX…

Mi nombre es Alejandro Marques, nací en 1982 en Caracas, Venezuela. Crecí montando todo tipo de bicicletas, un día vi a alguien haciendo Freestyle en la calle y quedé asombrado, así que decidí comprar una bici de BMX, era una PK Ripper bastante usada y dañada pero me sirvió para empezar.

¿Qué hay del Flatland?

La primera vez que vi Flatland fue en ESPN en 1997, los Xtrials. Fue a Chad DeGroot con su Haro Master y un buen bigote. ¿Es una coincidencia que ahora esté corriendo para su marca? ¡No lo creo!

¿Cuánto tiempo tienes montando BMX?

El 18 de Junio de 1998 pude comprarme mi primera bici con 4 pegs, una Haro Shredder de casi 20 kilos, desde ese día no he dejado de montar Flatland.

¿Cómo empezaste a aprender trucos?

Yo tenía los videos de Baco 5 y Dorking York en VHS, los veía todos los días antes de salir a montar, aprendí la mayoría de mis trucos de esos videos, creo que de ahí es de donde viene mi estilo actual. A veces monto parque, hago exhibiciones y compito de vez en cuando.

¿Qué te gusta de Deco BMX?

He tenido un montón de bicicletas durante estos 19 años, cuando escuché que existía Deco quise probarla porque sabía que iba a ser algo bueno. He montado con piezas Deco por 4 años ya y puedo asegurar que es la mejor marca.

¿Cuál es tu pieza favorita?

Definitivamente el asiento, tiene el mejor agarre para mis dedos, es pivotal y es acolchado para cuando me siento ¡Está increíble!