Telling me my site is sweet is really nice. Telling me you think I need to update it makes me wanna ask for submissions. Do you think I just sit around all day and thumb my dumper? My thumb might not smell that nice, but at least I am trying to get some shit on this site. Come out to the BMX comp at the cement park, watch this skate video that is amazing, and check out “ME” talking like an idiot. Or skip all that and scroll down to the bottom and nude girls jumping into foam pits, think they are Perfect 10 models. How is that for an update, suck it then. Continue reading

Don’t want a Danse competition? click here and see what big boy posters you can get from your favorite riders and not so fav’s

All proceeds will go to my vasectomy, thanks everyoneOSP or the Orlando skatepark has been gracious enough to allow another bike sesh…so hit it up and practice up for the tournament coming in February. Should be “no pussy for me” James on the mic, “know any good black jokes” Brumlow, and “when I was a pro, holy shit those were the days” chad degroot will be running the shit. Sit tight for the flyer and exact dates. Continue reading

Check this site as much as you can. Its called People of Walmart. You have been there, you have seen this. Walmart is nuts. Every time I go some wild shit is going on…I always come home and tell the wife how nuts it is. Anytime of the day as well. Shit, some are open 24 hours. That is when Mark Mulville goes and knocks fools out. Ask him about that story. Some guy made fun of his girl pants (which you should) and Mark wasn’t feeling it, so he knocked him out. The other day I was there and wanted to take off my shirt and takeĀ  a pic. Man I am a pussy. If your reading this, send some pics of whatever you can come up with at the best store on earth… Continue reading

Some of these pics are pretty funny, some are real. The chick with the tits at the bottom of this post, you’ll see it. Pancake sized brown-as-shit nipples and veins that look like pixie sticks. That shit made me puke a little bit, but then laugh and want to see her in real life. If anyone knows her, tell her to holla at me in Vegas for Interbike. She looks like that chick in that one movie where she goes crazy and sledge hammers that writers ankles with a block of wood between them.

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Contributors keep sending me ugly girl pics and they never get old. Then I got this razor scooter video from Adam Baker. Some kids does a 540 barspin. That doesn’t make any of these chicks any prettier nor should it make you stop from kicking some razor scooter ass anytime you see them. Even if the kid is little and young, even girls. Kick their ass. They have to learn, punch a chick, kick a kid. Suck it. Ohh ya, bring them to Mesh Continue reading






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DeadlyHandsomeMen is a sweet video of wild dudes doing what they do. Pretty sure they are all drunk. The one guy folds himself in half on a picnic table. Human crashes trying to show off is a must see. Anyone good at photoshop out there? Send me some fucked up pics. Thanks




If you love fat chicks and want them to sitĀ  on your face till you pass out, click this video…Not even sure if I could get my wife to do this. Shouldn’t give her any ideas. Perigos_do_sexo_oral

This site is pretty amazing. Nothing to special, but loads of tits will always bring a smile, right? tittaycitay

Not sure if I posted this site before, it is pretty similier to some others, but great non the less. You get a tame pic of a girl, then you guess if she is filthy. Duh, they all are. Its a trick question.

If here for Kicks gets knocked down off blogspot, what the shit is this site still doing up. I’ll tell ya, no dicks and all buttholes from the female humans…all you perves make sure to bookmark this fucker Continue reading