SOLD OUT People want things that are inspired from the 4 piece handlebar feel, the 2 piece “FuBars” have the look and feel you want. Made from Multi-butted chromoly,  these bad boys will let  you hold the metal you have needed since you listened to Iron Maiden.

5 degree up, 8 degree back sweep

or 2 degrees up and 12 back

27″ wide (8″ rise only)

28″ wide (9″ rise only)

8″ rise 9″ rise

Weight: 24.8 oz.

8100 butted tube CR-MO full heat treated

Colors:  Coming soon


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Laser Etched logo on the crossbar


If your clicking here your excited about the Tom Villarreal “LIFTED” frame. We can tell you a few tidbits to get you hyped, but most things you have to see in person.

This is a Breakless frame with no threads. No removable tabs, no cable guides, no chain tensioners, no headtube tabs…simple, clean, and smooth as it gets.

Sizes: 20.6″ and 21″

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Deco. lighters made by Bic so you know they are legit. 2x the lights. 100% quality Bic product. If you live in Cali or Colorado I know what your gonna do. If you live anywhere, get them lung rockets warmed and smoked. Anywhere else fireworks will love you. Lastly, camp that fire starter. Skip that nerdy ass magnifying glass and light them ants the proper way.

MSRP $2.00

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Available at your  Deco. retailer or click the SHOP tab below to get direct.



James works for me at Mesh Skatepark and is a fucking wild character. He is down with BMX and couldn’t hold back by showing his infatuation with poo poo porn as seen in the second edit. Couldn’t find the embed on this, so suck it and click the link for some brown fun. There is  a sweet edit from the “nothing says pussy like light beer” Enns, and to top it off with a pickle surprise. Happy as hell he didn’t pick that pickle jar edit, that thing sucks…thanks James, go use your dick now, Marian where are  you?

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