Who’s counting the weeks…its summer. Maybe you maybe me. Lets be true…its not you. Unless you waiting on new Deco goods to arrive. Soft goods in stock and more tees real soon. Pizza is the food of summer and why not. Eat it, ride it all, and be happy. Recap of the contests or jams you went to or plan on going for the next few months. And remember the good stuff. All of it. #decobmx @decobmx and scroll down for some serious entertainment. Ya bubs. -Chad D Continue reading

Was on a run this morning and heard a biker coming up quick behind me. As she passed she was trying to sing. Was horrible and raspy and not particularly attractive. But her look of enjoyment swerving around the bike path singing was pretty beautiful. She was in a zone and this is how people should be. Get in the zone. Zone into this post below and enjoy. -Chad D Continue reading

Hot AF. Have you said this yet? Well it was cold AF so now take it and get out and ride n enjoy. Even if its hot. Check out this week below and there is a variety from 20 years on the job to a podcast of so many stories and more. Featured vids also and an event coming up you should make it to…enjoy this week and weekend. -Chad D Continue reading

Hyped to drop this dope full length from Jona Jahchan, who put in work behind the lens and computer to put the Florida scene on…

?”We started this project to showcase some of Florida’s street spots as well as some of the up and coming riders from the area. There is this stigma that ‘Florida has no spots’ but that is because no one wants to put in the hours to find them, Florida is a super flat state surrounded by water so it definitely dampers the selection and quality of the spots. We spent the past year and a half driving throughout Florida, and parts of Georgia to get all the clips in this video.” –Jona

Riders include (order in appearance)
mike alewine: @chefbomike
jack O’Leary: @jack_oleary
Zach ozment: @zuri_ozment
jona jahchan: @jonajahchan
Jason deener: @jmedina86
Brad hill: @trapmoose
Caine thron :@cainedricklamar
jabe jones: @jabejones
lewis colascione: @lewiscolascione
kade boyden: @kadebydn
James Peterson: @rangerjames_
john Patterson: @_johnpatterson
Francisco jiminez: @frangoesham
Bjarki Hardarson : @bjarkihardarson

Real leather in natural and black just dropped…get em HERE.

WELCOME Sietse to DecoBMX “sietsevanberkelReally happy to announce that I’m part of the @decobmxteam! ? Big thanks to @chaddegrootand @hiroshi430 ? Stoked on the quality of the new ride, how it looks and feels! ? I’ll be riding the @tsutomukitayama Jackpot signature: Get luck on your side! ? Good things to come! @decobmx

Mat Olson and his show set up is coming along nice and booking now.

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Just jibbin ….. bump to drop in on a bench!?!?!? #bmx

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This week no story or rant. Just some FuForks care of Matt Coplon. France 5th with Lee. And some InstaVids for this week…medley for sure. #decobmx @decobmx and Tag us so we can see what is good in your hood. Holla n stay nice…all weekend. -Chad D Continue reading

My day consists of numerous tasks but always going to the Post Office to ship out boxes n packages. Get out of my car, sunny, warm, and almost to many to carry in one trip. But I force it and can do this. Set down the boxes to adjust weights n sizes. Pop up to talons doing a drive by or fly by trying to take me away or at least my head. Look up and see a mid size black n white bird (story would be better if it was a bald eagle or a sand crane) flying away. Instantly jump in my car and feel blood on a few of my fingers. Grab my hand sanitizer and doing a ghetto wash job. In shock that a bird would think I am tasty and may take me away as food. Have to ship my boxes just don’t want to be bleeding. Go inside and no one is there, weird. Ask the attendant if he wants to see something funny…rewind back the security cameras. When I told him a bird attacked me he had a shock look on his face. After the transaction I told him thanks and he said “watch out for birds”. This is like getting struck by lighting or catching a bullet in your teeth…doesn’t happen. But it did. Enjoy this week and weekend. And don’t look tasty to birds, or do it…but always have hand sanitizer to clean up with…-Chad D Continue reading

Just painting a picture not judging. Wanted to get some wings n watch a game but out of options. Figure a bar out of the cut. No smoking so its going to work. Sit down and look over to a couple of kids running around. Take a peek at the situation. Game of life, board game, on the table. Backpacks. And the parents playing each other but almost competitive pool and slamming pints. Going to a bar with a board game, making it a night out. The real game of life. Get out n get some life bubs. This post is stacked as I slacked…so making up for it. Enjoy your life and don’t let it be a game. -Chad D


Another amazing capture from @ericarnoldphoto mid flair from #bussesbythebridge ?? Building interest is the goal. I’m trying to offer advertisement space on both vehicles as well as the surface of each ramp. Making for perfect advertising in any picture. @cleanconceptslv has teamed up with me to offer a full wrap once I get a few sponsors for my events. The main purpose for offering this is to make my program affordable for any kind of air cooled event. Please share to gain some build a following that will allow me to come to your city! The support from both #Bmx and the #Vw scenes is amazing, can’t thank you enough. Much love and happy dubbing?? @vw__aircooled@vw__lifestyle @vw @vwbmx -Mat Olson

We had professional bmxer and local legend Chad DeGroot in studio for episode 114. He is such a great guy and a natural on the mic plus he has the best stories. Check out the interview on your favorite podcast app or of course
? WhatsTheFussPodcast.Com ?
— with Chad DeGroot at Words Hurt Studio.

A big thank you to Jay Marley for hosting the initial Gasparilla Flat Jam on Sunday, January 28th. The setting at Tampa’s historic Rialto Theatre couldn’t have been any better, and the communal vibe from both the riders and audience was infectious.

Gasparilla Flat Jam: Sunday, January 28th.

“I tried to set this GWR on three separate occasions but it wasn’t made office due to

technicality’s such as not having a charted surveyors present and the start line

not being clear enough. The Rivera international conference centre kindly allowed me to try a 4th time on the 4th August 2017  and I rolled 13m in a trick I invented called “spider glide” or for the record “The furthest BMX limbless manual” it’s just been certified that I have the record now so I want thank everyone who helps me achieve this!” -Lee Musselwhite

@matuptobat Stopped by Bicycle World in Kingman AZ yesterday. I was told the @decobmx #driverseat sold out immediately. I cannot thank these guys enough. If your ever in the area or even just passing through, stop by and say hello to Jim and Ed. You will see a bunch of that might go home with you if you do! So many awesome. Set ups in this shop. Small town BMX support is alive and well.

Thomas Noyer @thomasnoyer Tried some new hand position in bw spin halfpacker last week at the spot!
Fortunately @maxcassagne got this shot!

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Happy new year y’ll. Yinz have a good one? All the best and happiness coming into the 2018 year. Only health n wealth n good times. Starting our 9th year we are planning for November to start our celebrations. Surprises and rebirths will happen. Tons of support for jams, shops, and BMX. Help us push it further and also support those who you follow. Any questions or suggestions or just comments holla at me DM style or email chad@decobmx.com. Scroll down to see some upcoming events dropping soon. Otherwise know this post for this week is stacked so sit back with a warm drink and get excited. Thank you. -Chad D/Deco playas Continue reading

Been driving the same route on the way home from work for 17 years. Florida lights can be long to wait for so running some yellows happens. Only two occurrences let all the lights be green (well maybe a few yellows) and make the whole drive home without stopping once. This has happened twice now in 17 years. Twice. When it all lines up and works out is how this year has been. 2017 is almost at a red light but only moving forward into 2018. Check out NOLA sessions below, recap of NOV instaVids, and current vids from the crew and those #decobmx supporters. Keep it real and smell you next year. -Chad D Continue reading