Bird shit splatters all over their windshield. I mean all over like 30 piles. Piles on piles like target practice. Even a Mercedes. How do you think they can see? And its mainly on the drivers side. I see this car coming in the opposite lane of traffic and this is what pops in my mind to open this week. Nothing to do with bmx or this week in review. Take it. Like that car did. Now its in your head painted that picture. But what color car is it…you decide. Finish my thought and enjoy this post and this week. Love everything except the shit that sucks and specially bird shits. Or bird runs. Or shitting where you eat…don’t shit where you eat and don’t eat off your windshield. Awe ya. -Chad D Continue reading

This week is about videos. Stocked and locked and scroll down. So many, so good, so watch. Remember to his us with #decobmx on your goods so we can see what everyone is up to. Also keep a close eye on the upcoming events taking place. Make some plans cause we don’t want to hear about how you could not make it or didn’t know about it. Enjoy your weekend bubs. Thanks. -Chad D
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Just plane food

Tinfoil wrapped everything. I mean all the extra packaging and containers and packaging and wrappings. “Chicken or beef?”. 15 hour flight and dude is still wearing sunglasses. Babies crying. The amount of movement on this plane is not eye candy. More wearing the movements of my

Peripheral vision. I’m an aisle seat as preferred and people next to me fidget with signs of getting up but they do not signal. “Chicken or beef?”. These sounds are getting closer. More packaging should be in front of me soon. Sorry man what a pile of shit. 90% of it I do not eat so am I wasting it when presented with enough for 3 humans. -Chad D

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If Your ever in a room of people who don’t know each other i will guarantee everyone will be on a phone and if there are kids they will have a phone, tablet, or iPad. Stare at little glowy things. Makes life go by. START with a trip to Japan. Scroll down for the October decobmx09 YouTube video mash up. congrats to Thomas Noyer for the French win. Sale frames. Tsutomu bike build. Who wants stickers? And peek the instaVids stacking and packing the good ones below. Enjoy your weekend and #decobmx everything so we can keep an eye on the good shit. Thanks. -Chad D Continue reading

Wild times this week for sure and last weekend. Nonstop into this weekend as well with the Sparkys jam, SwampWood grand opening, and full throttle for BMX. Good people do good things. Scroll down to see this week and main focus on the events here and NOW. Don’t forget the instaVids for this week killing it. And as always #decobmx your pics or vids so we can see what is up. Thanks. -Chad D

Congrats to Ryan Torrance this past weekend for 2nd place at Profile Racing’s SPOT roast. Well deserved. Check out  a few minutes from my Dude Stumpy who filmed on the course.

TA update: Just wanted to let you all know I traveled to Mexico, City this past weekend for the first Annual Azteca Flatland Contest. I ended up with the 2nd place spot on the podium, and a ton of motivation to travel back to Mexico City next year to keep the local riders motivated.

Spain ?? session by @alejomarques

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#tabletoptuesday on a Wednesday. @matt_coplon at a staple SD spot. Cali bound for more riding pleasures next week. Photo by @vincekroff

Spoke wrench 3.5mm for 0.136″ nipple

Upcoming events:

InstaVids for this week:

@tickmola killing it from Brasil ?? @rogerioflatbmx #jackpot #decobmx #flatland #brasil #video #bmx

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Have fun. @hiroshi430 @arkleague_official #decobmx #tokyo

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Sweet spot and dialed bubs @tbonds69 hitting you with it #decobmx #bmx

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@matuptobat came out to Florida years ago and accidentally on purpose learned this trick. Calls it the “tree frog”. No hands and no feet? Tuck nothing for those without imagination. Captured via #GoPro just outside of downtown Denver at #Barnum @profile_racing @pusher_bmx #decobmx #profileracing #pusherbmx #coloradeco #coast2coast #matknowsdeco #bmx

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So refreshing to have people all around me who excel at what they do, care, and are at the highest level of being together in what we do. Lots of names to list off but also situations. Just thankful that everyone who helps, supports, and works hard to do what you do making this all possible. Its a chain without any weak links. Moving into 2018 some fresh stuff is popping. Excited to say the least. Mat Olson has two stealth pivotal seats coming out. Jackpot V3 samples will be in our hands next week. Along with the NEW self Titled street frame with many new updates. Then there is everything that ties it all together like the tees and stickers. Real leather belts laser etched logos all USA styles. Plenty to be proud but also way to excited about. Weather is turning but remember to stay in those indoor parks and support bmx. Shop at local shops or buy online from BMX ran shops. MANY many events coming up specially the SPOT roast which I will have a live FB feed on RIDE BMX and Profile…check both to see my dumb face and what dumb comes out of my mouth…have a great weekend and surround yourself with people who you can look at feeling refreshed. Thanks. -Chad D
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Not a drop spilled. This week was so good. New 5 panel hats or DAD or CAMP style as well as classic truckers in the mix. Pick up at your favorite shop or on our SHOP. Check out the colors and styles below. Finally at a loss for our moment of zen so anyone can help out and send over a pic and thanks. Last month was sweet and our Youtube channel Decobmx09 shows a new one. Alejandro on fire with new combos. Mat Olson and nothing at a halftime show for the raiders Football…sports sports sports.  Noyer always great pics. Coplon on that tripod tip. Big things like this Saturday at Mr. B’s the new Props 79 premiere. And scroll down for other events and shouts to Tangent jam bubs to killing it and so many cool comments from the playas who attended. Thanks and stay safe. -Chad D Continue reading


Florida is a Sunny place for shady people. Not all shady, and not always sunny. First vid is from Labor Day Jam from a different perspective. Real Props is back and on fire. Can’t stop Mat Olson and his airs and follow him for info on his new adventure. We all have had our bikes stolen…or have we? Tsutomu 1st time…damn bike thieves suck. Coplon on that FDR freshness. Dope. Have a dope and funky fresh weekend and holla at #decobmx -Chad D Continue reading

Why do good people stay quit when bad people are loud? Put a hat on it. New ones are here and Camp or Dad 5 panels arrive soon. Details below. Tokyo, Russia, Florida, Alabama, Venezuela…check below #decobmx we out there. Say it loud and say it proud. Fall is here in most areas. Coming into the last few months of this sweet year. Make it count. Have a great weekend all you bubs and holla at what is good in your hood #decobmx and thanks. INSERT BUMPS… -Chad D Continue reading

Grew up playing basketball among other sports and activities. These days I directly see the result of little glowy things like iPads and computers. Hard for me to wrap around the fact that famous people use to be a category now the word “famous” was replaced by  “youtube or youtuber”. My kids have stared more at their iPads than Jimmy Levan has stared at himself to get ready in the mirror. Tonight before dinner bell goes off, which was 10 minutes away, we go outside and play some basketball. Its really nice our hoop is forgiving and a bit lower than regulation. Figure we play 10 minutes then eat. My daughter sees a school bus #211 where the two 1’s are lower than the rest. Its 6pm who is driving this so late? That second after we turned back to basketball a huge rottweiler dog runs in front of the bus. Brakes squeal the front tires. Then the dog just starts to run off…not fast but enough where the owner could not catch. Neighbors all come running out cause it was a unique noise plus a big yellow bus at night. Owner can’t catch her dog and they run around the corner. Guess this had to be seen by my kids so I could answer their questions. They describe what they see. None of us know what to do next. But deep in my mind if they asked why puerto rico has no power and the hurricanes keep hitting the island would be a tough explanation. Thoughts for that dog, think he will be fine, but…puerto rico and the islands are changed for life. Thoughts about all the BMX’rs and people of the islands, be safe. -Chad D Continue reading