So this morning I was bringing my kid to school and there was a 6 car rear  end accident. So I went around and pulled in behind a van. This old lady (see the pic) decided she wanted in front of me. So we did the inch-up game. I obviously won.  This is when it started to get good. She flips me off, so I flip her off. Then she rolls down her window and does the double-handed flip off. Keep in mind this lady is dusty old and is most likely a shitty person. So I rolled down my window and gave her the tongue between the two fingers, pretty sure some drool ran down my fingers. She didn’t like that at all. Then I took a camera phone pic of her. This must have done it. She called the cops and followed me. Driving crazy and almost hitting cars to take pics of my car and me. Once we got to the school she was still on my ass so I went in a few figure 8’s and a bunch of circles, driving really slow. Finally she left. Probably had a heart attack.

I had to explain to my boy why old people suck ass. He understood and thanked me for the warning. Continue reading

Mr. Bikes n Boards is now open. While we are sad that Mesh is being torn down, we are happy to announce we opened for all your ratty kids needs. We carry the same line, still have James the virgin as the manager, and myself will being doing the day to day. Stop by if your in town or just need some good shit. We are slim on shoes, still trying to open accounts, but we do have a full line of completes and a cardboard cutout of Stone Cold. Come get your pic with him. Continue reading

For centuries people have used bearings to unite forks and frames to make steering possible. This is not trivial stuff, you know this. Stop and think about what a wonderful headset would look and feel like. Can you picture it,  see it, feel it? This headset can solve the problem. Made to Campy spec integrated with sealed bearings and 6061 aluminum dust cap. Continue reading

The practical answer will be right under your seat, the day has arrived, its pivotal season. Amazingly man has accomplished what the Beast set out to do. Don’t resist the beast. Run with him like you have never ran before. Run a seat-post that is worthy of any situation.

Deco. Logo Pivotal Seat-post

25.4mm by 135mm (5″) anodized

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Colors: Black,  High Polished,   Tie Dye Black/Red, Tie Dye Black/Gold

25.4mm by 330mm (13″) anodized

Weight: 7.4 oz.

Colors: Black

MSRP $24.99 135mm (Tie Dye $28.99),  $32.99 330mm

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Deco Tie Dye pivotal postsDeco 135mm pivotal post black:gold


James works for me at Mesh Skatepark and is a fucking wild character. He is down with BMX and couldn’t hold back by showing his infatuation with poo poo porn as seen in the second edit. Couldn’t find the embed on this, so suck it and click the link for some brown fun. There is  a sweet edit from the “nothing says pussy like light beer” Enns, and to top it off with a pickle surprise. Happy as hell he didn’t pick that pickle jar edit, that thing sucks…thanks James, go use your dick now, Marian where are  you?

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