They are for the smaller rider or flatland. We don’t want to brand them with flatland only cause they are very similar to the self-titled frame but don’t really fit the kooky flatland look. The true flatland version with down tube raised and gusset for more room is on the boat and will be here mid April. That will be the Succubus flatland frame. Sorry for any confusion. The Succubus frame will be able to run a 2.25 rear tire with enough room for you streeters. But will handle like a true flatland machine. We added a few new colors that will be here this summer. Keep in mind that this first order only will be Blue and Orange.

What’s so good about the Succubus is what it’s not. Highly attractive and willing to suck the flatland right out of you. Don’t refuse it, let it happen, and may all your dreams come true. This frame will draw energy to sustain itself. It may even suck the flatland right out from your dreams. Succumb to the Succubus. Click HERE to read more and see more pics.

18.25″ or 19″ Top Tube Length

13″ Rear end

75 Head tube

71 Seat tube

Weight: TBA

14mm dropouts (use a spacer if  you want 10mm), removable 990?s, built in Allen chain tensioners

Colors: Metal Blue, Metal Orange, Silver, and Raw (Silver and Raw available this summer)

This edit has some Mesh clips, RIP Mesh Skatepark. Also for those who haven’t seen me ride some flat, there is a clip. There you go. So with the Packers winning the Super Bowl 45, I figure I would give you some winners as well. I can’t sit on this edit any longer. Enjoy and holla my way.

Go Packers, holy shit they did it. My head still hurts. But not as bad as any Steelers fans, their heads will hurt for a whole year knowing they lost the big one to cheese heads. Good game…Big Money.

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There are a lot of people who think old videos, mainly VHS, shouldn’t be on the internet or its sucking your own dick a little bit. It really can go both ways, but Efraim interviewed a few folks about the matter and its pretty interesting the views people had on this matter. I actually put in my 2 cents as well. Click the link below and read up.

Also, Catfish and BHunt stopped by to buy some slices of pizza for the kids and Mulville, do some magic tricks, and sesh the casselberry scene. They were actually on there way to Cali and stopped by. Do the math…Ohio, Florida, Cali. While at the shop a local named Dave won a free DK complete for getting a “DK BMX” tatoo behind his floppy ear. Catfish was pretty excited cause this was his first neck tattoo. Simply amazing. Then Catfish proceeded to shock everyone with a voltage thing. Hours of fun all while the Pro Town: Greenville premier was going on. The circus was in town for sure.  Check it…

Keep in mind that washing your car at the casselberry house with one shoe and no shirt is very necessary for a visit.

DK pizza/magic day and Pro Town Greenville premier from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

Longtime Flatlander Efraim Catlow from England does a blog called Flatmatters and hit me up to do a wild little interview. He specified short answers, which is really hard for me. Nothing should be short, just midgets (be sure to check the pic below). But, I did  my best with his questions. I could have gone on a rant on more than a few of the answers, but you get the point. So here are “Last times with Chad DeGroot”. Efraim gave this intro:

So I was thinking, who do I kick the 2011’s “last times” off with? Someone everyone might expect, or maybe someone people respect but for the most part don’t see very often, then Chad Degroot’s “Ring the gack” part went online that very day, and there was my answer, I didn’t even question it. The man is a legend, has probably done more flatland tricks than many of us ever will.And more importantly has a great time on his bike. Nowadays he’s very busy running his bike company, Deco, he’s just finished for Baco 11, and is enjoying married life.


This flyer has nothing to do with Flatmatters or myself, but its funny as hell and we are going to post it up in my shop MR. B’s and see what goes down. It was posted on Facebook and the response is amazing. Everyone has a friend or someone who really needs a bike cause they were to sassssed up and got a DUI. If you bring in a midget and a DUI card we might give 50% off. That sound good? Might as well get caught.

Fisrt off I would like to apologize for the lull in posts and the quality of them. With Xmas and New Years you would think there would be titties all over this site. There still is, but BMX has been getting more time than the good shit. At new years I was talking to a dude from NY and he said its what BMX needs, tits. I couldn’t agree more. So that is why the first pic is a sweet set. But if you look close, one looks sad. Maybe this set was on a budget? Maybe they got pounded? Maybe its on purpose.

Scroll down and let me know what you think. Were back on that ass.

New Profile ad in RIDE UK only. If you like coffee you will like some quality hubs, stem, and sprocket in Chad DeGroot Coffee colorway.

Would you?

Jerry Peel might be on house arrest, but he is still throwing bmx jams. If your in the area get down there get a win at the tournament.

This pic is the best. Its Scott Powell. He is balding a little bit, spread eagle, and his high tops have extensions on them to make them higher. Papa Chenga…

This is our new micro ad in DIG. Roaches are taking over. Sticker packs are available HERE.

Lastly this is a video sent to me with the main focus on womens lines, or their boob cut. Sing along if you like.

Mat is from Lake Havasu Arizona but bounces around Colorado enough to be called a local. He has blown out his front teeth more than a few times, but gets right back up and proceeds to kill it on a bike. I caught up with him a few times to get this done. Its pretty funny and you will learn something about Mat. End result is he is a part of the Colorado scene and lives the BMX life. Work for awhile, then travel and chill, but ride the whole time. I sent him a camera to get some filming done for web edits and he went out and made some porn. How can you hate a kid like that? He also has a true passion for the SKID. Anyways, here is his little interview. I am pretty sure he was drinking beer out of a straw when he answered a lot of these questions. We didn’t even get into the fact he swallowed a nail when he was younger. The pics to prove it are at the bottom…guess this is part 1?

Chad-what happened to the missing “T” on your first name? Did you sell it?

Mat-My mom Says she didnt want everyone to associate my name with a door mat  thats why she left one of the T’s out… I told her to spell door mat and it turns out that i am just more special than all of the other matt’s out there

Chad-Its really nice of your  mom to think of a door mat while naming you. Door mat is spelled with one “t” though, so I am not sure if she hides her drugs or her money under her door mat?

Mat-I am going to have to check, either way i am coming up!

Chad-Coming up? Shit, someone needs to pull the Mat our from under you

Mat- Maybe thats the reason people try to walk all over me.

Chad-tell everyone a secret you have that no one knows? It can be that you shot porn the other night.

Mat-Well to tell you the truth I shot porn for the third time the other night and only we know haha

Chad-That is sweet you have 3 chicks to shoot porn with. Good job.

Mat- In the words of a great philosopher ” Bmx is great but porn makes the world go around”

Chad-why BMX and not climbing mountains or being a logger?

Mat-Because you could get hurt moumtain climbing, and logging is too easy!

Chad-Have you ever logged a log?

Mat- I beat up a swamp logger, practically the same thing…

Chad-would you ever fight a broad?

Mat-I have and I will again.

Chad-Would you fight your mom to get that “t” back? Does your mom wear a t-back?

Mat- No I didnt like that T from the beginning. If you saw my mom in a t-back you might not want to start any static!

Chad-Send pics of your mom, and ask her to model the T-back. I’ll be the judge.

Chad-you don’t have a bank account yet you work all the time. Do you work for free like community service or do you just get special hj’s as payment?

Mat-I do the community a service and I work for family most the time so ya pretty much work for free. I do what I can wherever I am so I can eat but I tore my acl when I was younger, and I lived off of my credit card. Not being at work got me fired and my bills went to collections= No bank account!

Chad-So  your running from the law?

Mat- No I am completely legal thats what cost so much. I just paid off my fines and payed a shit ton to get my license back after not having it for lik3   years    I  am just running from reality from time to time.

Chad-Stop running from reality, I saw the pic, your heal clickers are top notch

Mat- Gracias!

Chad-where do you hide your money?

Mat-I always hide my money under my middle console in my car. I am always in that thing

Chad-I thought that was a secret? Probably going to tell Troy McMurry to stop by and get your money.

Mat- Now thats what I call motivation to get a bank account!

Chad-what is the best thing you like about BMX? Worst?

Mat-My favorite thing about bmx is a nice clean tire skid.and I really hate crashing. I feel old

Chad-Clean tire skid? you are  doing some hippie skids?

Mat- Ya.. High velocity downhill power skids. Ever done one? Its a rush!

Chad-I am twice your age and when I was half your age I had a tire sponsor and those things were shredded daily. I use to do one long ass skid till my tire blew, top that rookie.

Mat-We should contact GuineBook of World Records and attempt the longets skids in history. I know the perfect hill out here in Colorado.

Chad-your from Arizona but bounce around from Nevada and Colorado. Being true to Colorado have you ever shotgunned a coors in a hippie hot springs?

Mat- I have shotgunned a hippie at a coors hot springs does that count? I love Colorado.

Chad-It only counts If you have an 80’s hairy bush.

Mat- Fact!  87

Chad-if you had the choice to add 6 inches to your cock and give up your favorite trick or take away 6 inches and get one trick in return, what would those tricks be?

Mat-If I could gain another six inches on my cock at the cost of my favorite trick that trick would be heel clickers. If I had to choose a trick for losing six inches it would have to be flair double downside whips.

Chad-Do you really do heel clickers?

Mat- I have been known to pull out the dirt bike manuvers

Chad-thank you.

Mat-No thank you!    should i do shout outs?

Chad-Nope, but I guess  you will anyway. Ohh ya, did you get those socks yet?

That is how much Deco. cares about the riders, we give them socks to make their feet happy. Just don’t tell anyone which brand they are…please.

Check these links out to.

We are back up and trucking. Sorry ya’ll for the down time. It sucked, and its pretty much not over yet. Hackers can suck it. Thanks to Mr. Grub himself for all the help and crap that it took to get the site back rolling. Click on his tab on the right…BMX GRUB.

This is the first post back and there are a lot of events coming up, so check all the flyers and hit them up if your in their areas and support sum…

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This was a pretty fun day. They rented a whole floor of this downtown Miami office building and had us ride around on desks and get chased by security in the lobby. Not a bad day for sure. XXL is out of Norway and is considered a bigger version of the Sports Authority. So they cater to all sports that is why this commercial has a lot going on.

XXL commercial from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

We decided to make a trip up to Gainseville to ride a new public skatepark and meet up with Matt Coplon  to shoot an ad.

Most of the time if your in the area Jason Levy will sense there is BMX going on in town and find you. He has a weird gift to guess numbers, rub metal smooth, and is currently writing a science fiction novel.

DIG magazine decided to give Jason a full page in issue #79 that just came out.

Dolecki picked out some of the best quotes and interview questions for the mag, but this video is the Uncut version at almost 45 minutes long. If you don’t know Jason, get to know him. Sit down, crack a beer, pop some pills, smoke some drugs, and learn something about the only man in BMX to have ever tried a 180 roof to roof gap while shooting a gun.

Jason Levy Uncut from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to check out his 2nd place finish in Aspire video contest.

Ever had a really good ass cup of coffee? Chad has. Every day. Drinks it like water. To celebrate, why not make some components that resemble a fresh cup of joe with just the right amount of cream and sugar?

Here is Degroot’s new coffee color way available now!

-Classic Profile mini hubs in RHD only.
-Acoustic stems in 48mm.
-Spline drive sprockets in 25t. for more info or ordering
(Photo of degroot nosewheelie on ledge)
Photo by James Covington.

Drink up. Cheers.

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