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 Writing this with the doors open and feeling the 80 degree Flo rida heat today. Guess I could put on the AC? Na bee. Sweat it out, sweat out all those impurities. Enough about the good weather, lets get into this post. Chad got his whip powder coated matte black, looking clean and nice for 2013. FuForks have a V2 now with 15mm rake and cable guides for right or left or dual. Tremaine Stewart scraps for him are pretty legit, peep it. TJ foot plant. Coplon hits the weekend on a backyard ramp. Hiroshi sings. Mat Olson and Lucas Porzio edit. Who is Sheila. One Love is coming up. Oviedo session now allows bikes with TJ, Mulville, and Chad. Taylor Bonds edit is sweet and congrats on the clothing sponsor. Mario from Germany hits you with an indoor edit MELTDOWN. Multiple SPoT Roast edits on ESPN and BMX UNION. And in conclusion Josh Eilken hits you with the Moment of Zen peaced out the day after the world should have ended. Thanks for your support. -Chad D Continue reading

Today is Halloween and I have yet to lock a solid costume down. What is wrong with me? This is my favorite holiday for good reasons. So with that said I hope everyone has a safe one tonight and send over some pics of  you or your costumes.  Speaking of what you need, all the NEW stuff is here and ready to ship. Check the pics below and click on all of them to enlarge in case you need it bigger, bigger is better right? Justin Butts is filming for the their crew with the 1228 edit which I thought was legit and good to see this crew making moves. The Come Up TV has a legit interview with Chad, and Matt, a must see. See all the product pics and make sure to be nice so Santa brings them to you for Xmas. Mike Meister checks in with a solid peace sign and a flattie. Ricardo Laguna hit us with a write up of the Pro Dirt tournament that just happenend. Banned in the Backyard is going HAM so hit the facebook to see the teaser and pics of what 30 loads of clay looks like with it being surrounded by pallets. December 8th is the date, save it, make it there. Leather seats are legit, in stock, and ready to tongue bath or do what ever you want with them…maybe just ride them. Thanks for the support everyone and stay safe. -Chad D Continue reading

“Don’t trust anyone in white pants”


Eugene Lewis rail clip in NJ

Mikey M. running the Slick-Ish cable and hitting Profile hard while in Florida…sweet ad

Mat Olson pic on his Facebook super whip sssssuper good guy

Josh Eilken good sequence on his Facebook page

15 years throw back thursdays man. So dated, so excited bubs…

Moments of ZEN


“I have been collecting belly button lint for over 15 years”

Tom Tom Tom. What the shit are you doing in LA? Hit the edits below, from Olympics to wild ass lines, kid has it and isn’t letting up on the edits.  Mat Olson, we found him in the woods, sweet pics on dirt lips. Funny face Coplon over a fence? You decide.  Gonna date myself with barspins, who can’t do this trick. Flat links are still fun? Reuben rocking dem FuBars son, thanks. FREE BEER is good beer as long as Kyle Painter doesn’t show up. Anarchy n Anderson flyer to let you know what is up. And your moments of Zen are fucked up this week…sorry. -Chad D

Feel the anticipation, suspense, triumphs and joys as the world get together to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Starring Samsung’s official ambassador for the Olympic Games, David Beckham, follow the journey of the GALAXY S III, from Mumbai to Shanghai and Los Angeles, as it captures the most emotional moments of the Games.
The TV commercial will be aired starting July 16 in over 20 countries including UK, France and China.
Wherever you are, you can take part in this historic moment.
The GALAXY S III, Samsung’s Olympic Games Phone. Everyone’s Olympic Games.

Decided to hit Staples Center and the Car wash down the road for a quick session and ended up racking enough clips for a little “Nugg” edit.
Justin Butts: http://twitter.com/#!/justinbuttsfilm
Tammy: https://twitter.com/66TAMMY69

Mat Olson checked in with some amazing trails pics, steep lips and dirt tricks…ya ya.

Coplon fence face…TBR represent.

Felt like Edwin or some shit here. 20 years of bars son.

Reuben Krussick chilling at the Los altos comp, sent some good pics our way. Love the bunnyhop bar and the random chick with the purse not sure what is going on.FuBars are out there…holla.

Who hates free beer? Tell me who?

Check all the pics from Maul’s Fracas Jam HERE and the amazing video HERE

Anarchy N Anderson flyer

Here are your moments of Zen:




“It’s not about the money, it’s a way of life”  That is how were gonna start this post.

 Deco. lighters by Bic are out now…hit us or your local Deco. retailer for some fire fun. Then another Tom edit, two in one week son, watch them both a few times, lifted if  you can. Reuben Krussick checked in rocking a Deco. tee and bars. Matt Coplon 35 years young edit is soo good. Tremaine checks in with a tech move, good pic to. He is working on a new edit so we expect to see that real soon being all street. AAAAANNNND your moments of Zen. If you have a Deco. related pic send it over, if you get one of our lighters and want to show off your flame, send it over. Keep it real and keep checking our Tumblr and Twitter. Where ya at Mat Olson? did you make it to Canada? -Chad D







Reuben Krussick

“Matt Coplon is one of those rare guys who not only can manage to juggle a million things everyday like being a huge part of both Profile Racing and Madera brands, keeping the scene in Tampa Bay together, being a husband and killing it in a band, but even at 35 years old, he’s still out there progressing on his bike. Don’t get me wrong, 35 is the new 23, but still! It takes a lot of energy to do the things Matt manages to get done every single day.

Any time I get the chance to check out some fresh footage of Matt, I get excited because I already know it’s going to be good. I’m really stoked to drop this new edit because it’s definitely some of the best clips I’ve seen out of him to date. Enjoy!”

Tremaine Stewart in the middle of an all street edit checked in with this pic. 

180 to smith full cab bar

Moments of Zen

Happy birthday America. I said it. I have been wanting to do this post waiting on some good news but its going to have to drop later, sorry. Pretty sure where ever you are its hot as hell. So take a minute and chill in some ac and read up on the new Pusher trip written by Mat Olson. Will make you want to take a trip asap. Tremaine Stewart dropped this an edit keeping it Colorado as hell hitting up all the free skateparks. Chad’s English version of the Chile interview is readable now. Check it out. Tom is Lifted, we out there. Coplon is still killing weekends, so many spots he is finding in his area. Deco. lighters by Bic. AND your moments of Zen. -Chad D Continue reading

My head hurts. My eyes hurt. Oh. Shit. BMX has some of the wildest wackiest shit going on right now. This post is a huge overload of BMX, sorry about that. Need to get back to our roots, raw dawg. I’m a rambling man. Lil stressed out cause I have to get up and Roast Rob Nolli tonight. Wish me luck. Now I am a straight up comedian. Better than that fool Chris Duncan. Sucks I just mentioned him. Woops…Shit that was funny. Just wish someone taped it…or maybe not. COB Kerry Gatt and me will be in Japan representing. Click the links and get familiar with what we do.  Mat and his other ride, moto bike style with bmx strapped, check the pics and write up. Bigger story coming soon and it will be good if Clay has anything to do with it. Push Her. Mr. Filth not real happy with this old footy, but that smith drop is awesome, sorry for posting. Plus size? just watch and skip the mountain bmx dudes…hit up AJ and Mat. Chad’s Father’s Day pics. Roast everyone…and  your moments of Zen. I lost 10lbs. of meat in my body. Do the math.  -Chad D







So I am sitting here at Clay’s house enjoying an adult beverage as the Colorado sun sets. I just scored a sweet leather jacked from a dude named J Bone. Things can’t get much better. After a long ass ride through  Arizona and into Colorado, the sun started to set as we passed through Wolf Creek Pass on our way to Denver. The temp dropped down to about 55, which at 70mph is cold as hell. We stopped and grabbed a cup of coffee and suited up for the last hour and a half into Denver. We started the trip at like 9am from AZ and ended at Clay’s at 1:30am in Denver. Crazy ass day.

This morning we started out with a sesh at Boulder. Such a good park. Super good lines, like riding cement trails. I am stoked to go on this trip tomorrow. We are headed all through the Rockies hitting up all the parks and local spots we can. Camping, riding, night time festivities, all of this is going to be a riot with the Pusher Crew. We are filming as much as possible so be sure to stay tuned. -Mat Olson

Mr. Filth keepin PHZ filthy…check it out. AZ has the best spots, dam.

Check out Mat Olson Flip whippin and some wild big tire dudes flailin. PlusSizeBMX Lyons Outdoor Games Slopestyle.

PlusSizeBMX Lyons Outdoor Games Slopestyle from Scott Klumb on Vimeo.

London from Coloradeco carving at only 7 years old. Doing it for Pusher BMX.

Featured set up…Alejandro…

Chad chilling in Daytona on Father’s Day, good session.

If you can read Spanish feel free to tell me what I say in this interview. When I did this I assumed it would be on a site or magazine, but no, neither. So I contacted them to see what goes on and they said they don’t have a website. Really odd and funny, screw it. The pics are some of my favorites specially the Osiris add, shit man, I took it hard on that one but it came out sweet thanks to Chip Riggs and Kip Williamson. -Chad D

Roast of Rob Nolli, more pics coming soon, or check my Facebook.

Alejandro hitting us when with his Succubus edit…hell yes.

Please facebook this chain letter fool. Here is your moments of ZEN.


Maybe scroll down the see the moment of zen first so you can puke in your mouth. Then scroll back up to sit back and read what is on DEFGRIP interview with Chad D. Get excited Kerry Gatt is invited to Circle Of Balance in Japan later this year. I will be judging that son of a bitch, so start kissing some. Blinky comes through with a sweet edit and has some insane riding with , check it. Voodoo jam is done, check out my pics, not only bmx when your in the Big Easy, had a chance to get on a roof and more. Mat Olson is a winner. Mr. Filth doesn’t let down with a whip on a hood. Holy shit, the Madera Cali edit is nuts, they all racked up points but  Josh really killed it…jesus. Matt hitting us with his never ending spots…and moment of Zen with meat glue? -Chad D Continue reading

This week I’m all pumped up on RB and PowerBars living the meatless dream packing honey whisky on top of swimming sessions to cool down in this brutal Florida heat. Hmmmm. Start this week with a custom job of making a ghetto box out of classic items to bring my music to everyone’s ears. Chad gets coverage still with the new Profile Racing ad at the classic Maitland Trannies spot which is still a gem to this day, repping red hubs, can cans, tan wall tires, and showing Mike Meister I still got some tech. Tremaine hits us hard with another edit from Coloradeco, kid is going his own way and making it look nice…hell ya. Maul’s bike shop has picked up Deco and will be hosting the Flatland Fracas jam coming up soon. They recently moved after a ton of years in the same location, so stop over there and see what is up. Happy Bday to Matt Coplon who now is in the 35 club and was caught shredding his birthday weekend finding new spots daily in Tampa. Check out more specs and teasers HERE. Chad shows you his 2012 touchdown pose. Lastly  your moment of zen with some top heavy jugs not taking any shit from the beach chair, let them loose and let them swing free. Free birds. -Deco. Continue reading