While I was on this last trip, an idea was passed onto me that actually worked out amazing. If you have an iphone or conference call capability, here it is. Call one person, then tell them to hang on for a second. Hurry and call the next person then merge the call. So basically they start talking to each other and don’t know who called who. Caller ID doesn’t show up and you can join two strangers or in this case Mike who was buzzed and Duncan who was about to go on a date. Duncan can’t pass up a call, he has to answer and talk, so he is always a good call. Mike, well I got him off guard but he was more than willing to catch up with Duncan. Duncan does comedy now, but Andrews does comedy daily. This is a 20 minute call that is too funny. Remember that Mike is really good friends with Jason Levy, so you don’t know what he is going to say.

This is the start of the conference calls. I am going to line more up. If you know a battle or a good combo, put your suggestions in the comments below.

Lastly, Duncan has a radio show and we called in last week. So if you want to shout out to him on the air, we will be doing it big soon and giving out the call in number. Continue reading

I wish I knew how to smoke this good at such a young age. My kid about this age and he wouldn’t have a clue. But I guess some practice and anything is possible. Start training tonight son.

The second video was done on my commuter bike. Hang 5’s are really easy on this, it took one try. When I did this edit, I went back and rode my real flat bike and it seemed like a finger bike. No homo.

Lastly, for all of those worried about how much porn I put in these posts, this one is porn free. The next one might not be…

This video below is care of James Covington. He put some pegs on my ride and told me to do shit. So I did. Don’t forget to click the video player to your right called Embedr, there are some sweet ass videos on there. No Homo.


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I finally had a free day to get down to Tampa and ride the 4 fingers park. They don’t have bikes on Wednesday so we all went to SPOT for Mr. Coplons birthday. The whole drive down I counted how many churches I passed and wondered what it would be like to choke like Charles Bronson. Well I counted 18 and I don’t think Mr. Bronson would have the balls to choke me. But if his sweet mustache smiled at me, I would have to give in. Continue reading

Brian Tunney at ESPN did a good interview with Chris, click here to check it out, for sure worth it to get a feel of what goes on in his mind. But as you know, this is the other side of Chris , unedited for your reading and viewing pleasure. This is part one of an ongoing interview that might take years. He was quoted as saying “I’m on the Mystery ship and I’m enjoying the ride.” After seeing Chris Duncan’s name all over the comeup board as CDC, I wanted to see what really goes on with Chris. He lived down here in Florida, now he resides north of San Francisco. I got to know Chris pretty good when we were filming for Baco 9, he has some awesome lines from Mission Skatepark. Then he moved out to Cali and started doing the Cali thing. One time we were out drinking and he was out of his mind. He walked up to a black chick and said, “ Hey girl, I wanna get some of that chocolate love”, not sure how it turned out, but I knew he had gone to another level. Then he started popping up in mountain bike magazines. Well, to make this intro short, lets get to the bottom of this; this is Chris Duncan for your enjoyment…Here you go, lets get this started: Continue reading