Since the web edit overload this past year, I am to blame as well, some edits get overlooked. BK sent me over 5.2 of worthy edits that need to take another look. I am going to have to agree with him on most of these, but these are BK’s and not mine. Working on my top 5, sit tight…here you go Continue reading

One night I was a little buzzed and thought about all the other flatlanders signature tricks and wondered if I could do them. This was a time when biting was only done by Trevor and pretty much frowned upon, not like today. So I went out a little tipsy and tried Andrew Farris’s full bar to hip pack. It wasn’t pretty for awhile, being dark didn’t help either. But after some commitments I hit it and rode out. Called Freimuth and the start of the check list commercial began. Take this commercial any way you want. What i did learn from this is that other peoples tricks are pretty tough, but way tougher to do them in a commercial on a list, or are they? Continue reading