After coming back from the cold Wisconsin weather, actually I am a baby now, there is something about the Florida winters that I can’t get enough of. But having a rental car, some ebrake 180’s, some fine beer, its back to it. Chilling¬† for a weekend was real sweet going over a lot of Deco business and non business related. Just a get away care of Rays Bike Park in Milwaukee. Thanks to the midwest riders, such a good vibe up there, keep it raging. So to start I had to put Tom’s new edit first, just the right length, in house music, and some of the best riding you will see. Mr. B’s has been a hot spot for flatland with Chad doing an oldie but goodie probably never seen. And B’s hosts some riding right out front with TJ stepping up. The Rays pics are coming in, tag us please. Check out the SALE link. Coplon in that ditch in the AM. Olson packing the hog and on the road again…keep up with him, just try. Succubus is getting out there…check the two pics of Sean and Rick. Send us your Deco pics and maybe we will post them. Flatland teaser edit. Read the new Denim seat disclaimer, or suffer. And a dirty tongue is never a clean tongue in the moments of zen. -Chad D #decoshocka #decobmx Continue reading