Who shot this pic and what’s UP bubs? “

Yes! Its one from a recent shoot I did with Olympus Visionary @robertroozenbeek in Amsterdam. Lately a lot in to riding during the late night summer sessions. Lots of workshops and shows to get people stoked for BMX as well! So much fun to spread the feeling of BMX! ALSO  judging Master of Creativity. So keep a look out for that. @sietsevanberkel @masterofcreativity @fourpegsbmx “


Long time friend and photographer Chip Riggs hit me up while we were doing his podcast Space Brothers about doing some photos on a regular basis. Truth be told my camera batteries are dead as I type this and they should never be. Still enjoy a great photo which is over looked these days with a quick 5 second or less video getting more attention. With that said we have got together a handful of times and this is the most recent pic on a dock near my ladies house which has an epic sunset always. Thanks Chip for the snap and lets continue more photos more often. @chaddegroot @chipriggs #decobmx

Ohhhh hell ya the new order is here including the pc pegs which are the lightest out and replaceable sleeves. Colored fork caps which fit most forks and are the best out. TA frame in black or silver and two sizes. Succubus Lite which was for Japan only but a few trickled into the USA. And the pc pedals are back in stock. All the info, pricing, sizes, and specs including where to buy is listed below. We are excited…get up and dance. Continue reading

This week was cut short do to Dew tour food poisoning. OH man could I describe this in detail but I won’t describe the fluids loss and amount of pain this caused me. If you know you know, if you don’t, you have no clue. So with that said YES there is coverage from Dew Tour in Ocean City which was pretty dope, great weather, amazing BMX, and Team Frame rider TA taking home 3rd place with his clean smooth style.  Coplon had the pleasure of a sweet covered pool pocket session before getting the cops called, nothing happened…all talk from the neighbor. Pick up the new BMX Plus to see it stacked with Deco deliciousness throughout the whole issue care of Chris Arriaga. Tsutomu celebration continues… Check the dudes face-book. And your moments of Zen care of Mullet, Darryl, and Chad relaxing in OC. Go get that weekend like it wants you to…get me pics. Enjoy bubs…holla  back next week. -Chad D Continue reading

After coming back from the cold Wisconsin weather, actually I am a baby now, there is something about the Florida winters that I can’t get enough of. But having a rental car, some ebrake 180’s, some fine beer, its back to it. Chilling  for a weekend was real sweet going over a lot of Deco business and non business related. Just a get away care of Rays Bike Park in Milwaukee. Thanks to the midwest riders, such a good vibe up there, keep it raging. So to start I had to put Tom’s new edit first, just the right length, in house music, and some of the best riding you will see. Mr. B’s has been a hot spot for flatland with Chad doing an oldie but goodie probably never seen. And B’s hosts some riding right out front with TJ stepping up. The Rays pics are coming in, tag us please. Check out the SALE link. Coplon in that ditch in the AM. Olson packing the hog and on the road again…keep up with him, just try. Succubus is getting out there…check the two pics of Sean and Rick. Send us your Deco pics and maybe we will post them. Flatland teaser edit. Read the new Denim seat disclaimer, or suffer. And a dirty tongue is never a clean tongue in the moments of zen. -Chad D #decoshocka #decobmx Continue reading

“I have been collecting belly button lint for over 15 years”

Tom Tom Tom. What the shit are you doing in LA? Hit the edits below, from Olympics to wild ass lines, kid has it and isn’t letting up on the edits.  Mat Olson, we found him in the woods, sweet pics on dirt lips. Funny face Coplon over a fence? You decide.  Gonna date myself with barspins, who can’t do this trick. Flat links are still fun? Reuben rocking dem FuBars son, thanks. FREE BEER is good beer as long as Kyle Painter doesn’t show up. Anarchy n Anderson flyer to let you know what is up. And your moments of Zen are fucked up this week…sorry. -Chad D

Feel the anticipation, suspense, triumphs and joys as the world get together to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games.
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The GALAXY S III, Samsung’s Olympic Games Phone. Everyone’s Olympic Games.

Decided to hit Staples Center and the Car wash down the road for a quick session and ended up racking enough clips for a little “Nugg” edit.
Justin Butts: http://twitter.com/#!/justinbuttsfilm
Tammy: https://twitter.com/66TAMMY69

Mat Olson checked in with some amazing trails pics, steep lips and dirt tricks…ya ya.

Coplon fence face…TBR represent.

Felt like Edwin or some shit here. 20 years of bars son.

Reuben Krussick chilling at the Los altos comp, sent some good pics our way. Love the bunnyhop bar and the random chick with the purse not sure what is going on.FuBars are out there…holla.

Who hates free beer? Tell me who?

Check all the pics from Maul’s Fracas Jam HERE and the amazing video HERE

Anarchy N Anderson flyer

Here are your moments of Zen: