It has been almost 10 years since we have been emptying my pool and riding it in the Florida winters. Its still amazing, new shit has gone down every year, and so many thanks to everyone who has ridden it, stopped by with beer, or partied at the bottom. This night was no different. Keg, tons of food, and Hey Man laying face down with a handle of the cheapest whisky care of Brumlow. The costumes came out and everyone took it to the T-Pain app.

Last night I kissed it good by for the year, the hose is on and running full blast. With the rain the next few days it will be filled in no time and off to the season of swimming.

Thanks everyone who came out and a big hand shake to Dave for the paint job, that shameless Deco. logo is going places son. Another sesh in 2012, the year of the end of the world…get ready. -Chad

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David Leep hit up Chad DeGroot about his beard and beard activity. This is no amateur mustache with wings, this thing flies on its own.

Things you have found, or currently have in your beard:
I have found hair, gray hair, cat hair, pizza sass, ketchup, crackers scraps, blood, boogers, ear wax, saliva, beer, someone else’s beard, grass, water, soap, Powerbars, metal shards, ink, dirt, paint, primer, paper, staples, memory stick, some gravel, a comb, and a flat screen TV (52?).

To read more, this is actually funny, Click HERE and check out the Vinyl site as well.

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If you don’t know about the Casselberry trails, then you don’t know shit. If you wanna crash course, hit up these few links, check them out and study the videos as well. We are gonna quiz you.

HFK site and all the videos you need to study


This was personally one of my favorites. But there is too many to choose. So check the flyer below and make sure you stop on out and get what you need to get at the trails house…

Casselberry trail jam | Light yourself on fire show. from Gregory Smee on Vimeo.

Look at all the sponsors, even lawn care is sponsoring this son of a bitch. Get this on your schedule.

Here is another flyer for our friend out in Cali doing the 1st annual April Fools Games. 1st annual doesn’t make any sense, but we love these guys and what they do. They have houses where you can stay kinda like a really laid back camp setting up in the mountains. The inside park our course is by far the best use of space I have ever ridden. If your anywhere near the Sanctuary, get in and tell Waylon whats up…They will go out of their way to help and make sure your visit is amazing. I posted two edits from our Profile trip out that way. Fuck I need to make it back…Holla, party, repeat…

Profile North Cali Edit from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

Profile Cali Pool trip from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

Keith Terra was in town a few weeks ago doing a session at Casselberry trails and thought while he was here he would stop by my backyard and do a gallery.

“Having my pool drained almost every year since 2001 has brought many
different riders for a Florida winter session. It’s a waste to keep it
running in the winter cause the water seems to stay pretty cold and cloudy
cause all the leaves are constantly dropping. So with that and we live on
top if a hill, so the water table won’t send the whole pool out of the
ground. So we can leave it empty for most of the winter and get in some

Every year once it’s drained and dry it seems like the pool tranny is impossible. But then after a bit, new lines and tricks are still
happening. This year we painted it and added the launch ramp from the
Bargespin trip. It all flows well and those Sunday sessions are getting
better than ever. I would have never guessed the warlock gun shooting maniac Jason Levy would grace our session and throw down some moves and leave everyone laughing while he talks about his dreams, ideas, and way of life.

More sessions to come…”

Anyway, click HERE and check out the pics and what goes on in my backyard paradise. Also, Profile Racing did a little news thing on it as well with a Warlock pic, you ask who that is…click HERE and find out.

We sent Mat a little Flip cam to get some footage while he is traveling. Sometimes its easier to try things when a camera is on you. I really don’t think Mat cares either way, but the footage he did send was pretty amazing. He said he had a lot of footage, which he does. So this is some of the riding he has been up to. He was recently in Florida, so those edits will be out real soon. But for now, listen to some classic rock and let us know in the comments what you think…

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They are for the smaller rider or flatland. We don’t want to brand them with flatland only cause they are very similar to the self-titled frame but don’t really fit the kooky flatland look. The true flatland version with down tube raised and gusset for more room is on the boat and will be here mid April. That will be the Succubus flatland frame. Sorry for any confusion. The Succubus frame will be able to run a 2.25 rear tire with enough room for you streeters. But will handle like a true flatland machine. We added a few new colors that will be here this summer. Keep in mind that this first order only will be Blue and Orange.

What’s so good about the Succubus is what it’s not. Highly attractive and willing to suck the flatland right out of you. Don’t refuse it, let it happen, and may all your dreams come true. This frame will draw energy to sustain itself. It may even suck the flatland right out from your dreams. Succumb to the Succubus. Click HERE to read more and see more pics.

18.25″ or 19″ Top Tube Length

13″ Rear end

75 Head tube

71 Seat tube

Weight: TBA

14mm dropouts (use a spacer if  you want 10mm), removable 990?s, built in Allen chain tensioners

Colors: Metal Blue, Metal Orange, Silver, and Raw (Silver and Raw available this summer)

This edit has some Mesh clips, RIP Mesh Skatepark. Also for those who haven’t seen me ride some flat, there is a clip. There you go. So with the Packers winning the Super Bowl 45, I figure I would give you some winners as well. I can’t sit on this edit any longer. Enjoy and holla my way.

Go Packers, holy shit they did it. My head still hurts. But not as bad as any Steelers fans, their heads will hurt for a whole year knowing they lost the big one to cheese heads. Good game…Big Money.

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Longtime Flatlander Efraim Catlow from England does a blog called Flatmatters and hit me up to do a wild little interview. He specified short answers, which is really hard for me. Nothing should be short, just midgets (be sure to check the pic below). But, I did  my best with his questions. I could have gone on a rant on more than a few of the answers, but you get the point. So here are “Last times with Chad DeGroot”. Efraim gave this intro:

So I was thinking, who do I kick the 2011’s “last times” off with? Someone everyone might expect, or maybe someone people respect but for the most part don’t see very often, then Chad Degroot’s “Ring the gack” part went online that very day, and there was my answer, I didn’t even question it. The man is a legend, has probably done more flatland tricks than many of us ever will.And more importantly has a great time on his bike. Nowadays he’s very busy running his bike company, Deco, he’s just finished for Baco 11, and is enjoying married life.


This flyer has nothing to do with Flatmatters or myself, but its funny as hell and we are going to post it up in my shop MR. B’s and see what goes down. It was posted on Facebook and the response is amazing. Everyone has a friend or someone who really needs a bike cause they were to sassssed up and got a DUI. If you bring in a midget and a DUI card we might give 50% off. That sound good? Might as well get caught.

We decided to make a trip up to Gainseville to ride a new public skatepark and meet up with Matt Coplon  to shoot an ad.

Most of the time if your in the area Jason Levy will sense there is BMX going on in town and find you. He has a weird gift to guess numbers, rub metal smooth, and is currently writing a science fiction novel.

DIG magazine decided to give Jason a full page in issue #79 that just came out.

Dolecki picked out some of the best quotes and interview questions for the mag, but this video is the Uncut version at almost 45 minutes long. If you don’t know Jason, get to know him. Sit down, crack a beer, pop some pills, smoke some drugs, and learn something about the only man in BMX to have ever tried a 180 roof to roof gap while shooting a gun.

Jason Levy Uncut from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to check out his 2nd place finish in Aspire video contest.

So I get a call just a week ago about a commercial in Miami, good money, one day tops. This is a no brainer since its wifey’s birthday. Chill in South Beach and shoot a wild ass commercial. Well I committed to it without all the info… and then wifey had to stay home with the kids and school work.

The night before I was to leave, my body kinda froze up and made me feel like I was getting sick. No sore throat, just body ache from hell. Then I get the call that I need to be there at 1pm the next day, which is a day early. We negotiate the rate again and now the deal is getting sweeter. So I wake up the next morning and can’t move. It takes everything in my  body to just get out of bed and shower. Usually after a hangover that helps. Well this time I am not hungover, just dying. Sit in bed, sit on the couch, in bed, on the couch. The time is getting really close when I have to leave or I will be late seeing as its a 3 hour drive to Miami. I can’t do it. This is the worst I have ever felt in my whole life. Somehow I get in my van and figure with the windows down some fresh air will fix this. Lets just say I stopped 3 times and was ready to pray, was even searching for a medic at one wayside plaza. I had the heat on most of the time. That is weird since it was hot as hell outside as well. I really thought is was over. Then I get the call, “Hey Chad where are you?”. Shit, I told them a car accident was stalling me. Then I actually ran into 4 of them. Some dude, or a really ugly lady was slung off a motorcycle and laying on the cement in the middle lane of the highway. It just happened. Fuck. All this while I am talking to my contact lady. I tell her I will be there asap, traffic is nuts. This wakes me up, makes me pin it and fucking fly down the highway till the next person with a flat tire parking in the middle lane stops traffic. Florida drivers are unique for sure.

So I finally get there and my partner for the shoot, Jerry Peel, is riding around aimlessly. I stop him and ask if he is late to, he says ya, but he is looking for his wallet. He put it in a safe spot on top of his car, if you can guess you know what happened. Guess he looses his wallet all the time so I have no sympathy. It will happen more times…fuck it.

We go up to our location and its on the 15th floor downtown office building. There are desks, copiers, all the shit  in an office. I asked what we would be doing. They said what can you do? “We can ride the desks and knock shit over.” They are really excited now. Keep in mind this whole office was assembled the night before, all the shit is props…office props. They filled a whole fucking huge ass floor with fake office shit for us to run over and jump on. How sweet is this? Well it would if I could function. My temperature is still going up and down and there is no energy. Then the producer says “lets do a run through.” It took everything I had, but then I started feeling better as I was jumping on desks, hitting my head on the drop ceiling, sending files and computer screens all over as I crash into shit. I thought Jerry was going to go through the window when he tried to 180 off this desk. When he turned out he slammed the wall and bumped into the window.

They loved our shit and it was a wrap for the day.

Our hotel was right on south beach. Some swimsuit model was in the lobby, super tall bitch, and the hotel was real nice…all white everything. So things are looking good for a good night. Then my body starts freaking out again. So I just ate some soup on room service and crashed, lame night. What’s wrong with me?

As we get to the shoot they tell us we need  to shave our heads to fit the mohawks on. Some sweet talking and our checks get bigger to just cut our hair. Hours to cut hair and put on some crappy mohawk from special effects dudes. Then we go to the shoot. Most of the lights go out just as we get there, so I relax. End up sitting down in some juice or some shit. My ass is soaked and they have to dry my ass before we shoot cause there are close ups and to see me with a wet ass would mean I shit myself. The whole staff is laughing at this, but what am I to do. Fuck up their shoot cause I have swamp ass? I got lucky cause it took awhile to get the lights back on and were good to go, ass and all.

The first scene is us in the lobby on waxed floors, it was like ice skating. They wanted us to ride flat, avoid the security, and fuck with them a bit. So we took their hats, rode around, and the producers yelled CUT. We must have done this for 3 hours. I fucked up two takes cause when the elevator doors were opening, we were suppose to ride out really fast. The door opened, well not all the way, and I shouldered the door and almost flipped over. Did this twice then they must have said fuck this…CUT.

We did the same shit for another 5 hours upstairs in the office. Jump on desk, ride off desk, jump on desk do a backwards nose wheelie, 180 off desk, crash some files and send them. All of this in a tight ass suit and 10 inch mohawk that keeps hitting the ceiling every time we jump on a desk.

In the end, the producers were pretty sweet dudes. The staff really liked us and clapped when we were done riding saying that we did really good and it was fun to watch. Fuck ya were fun to watch. Ride a bike where it isn’t suppose to be, that shit is really fun to watch, shit, try doing it. Anyways, video will be done in a few weeks and they are sending me a copy. Will get it post up as soon as I get it.

So I am feeling pretty good by now, ready to drink and enjoy the South Beach life on a Saturday night. Hang out with some swimsuit models, some gay dudes, and possibly go back to the set tomorrow and ride my bike on a Mercedes and break the windshield. Yes, they mentioned riding the next day doing a stunt wrecking a car. But wifey has her birthday in a few hours. So I make the trek home to be close to my wife. Happy Birthday.

Here is one of their commercials for XXL in Norway. Good shit.

This is a Pano from the 15th floor where we shot all day. Downtown Miami view.

XXL commercial 1

Here is the fake office, it was fun sending shit. They had people to pick the shit up and put it back so you could do it again and again.

XXL commercial 2

Had to get a quick shot in the sky deck lobby. This floor was like ice. Flizzzzaatland son.

XXL commercial 5

Rooftop lounge at our hotel that I missed out on cause my body was junk.

XXL commercial 9

Lady cutting my hair flew from norway and sucked ass. I had to grab the clippers and do it right. She stopped and left it like this. If only it was OK to punch a girl.

XXL commercial 13

They used real human hair and a fuck ton of wild cream to make this stand up.

XXL commercial 21

Skydeck location, suit, mohawk, posse and extras ready for the shoot.

XXL commercial 26

Jerry getting interview behind the scenes. The filmer said he got my clip coming out of the elevator, or crashing out of the elevator. So that will be in the bonus and making of this commercial. Can’t wait to see my face slamming into the door…

XXL commercial 30