I don’t care what you think, this video is so true and open for a lot of possibilities. You snooze you loose. Rolled past this empty pool the other day, occupied house and everything. Walked up to it and it could have been the sweetest set up. So I made plans with two other guys to hit it up monday morning hoping the people were working folk. Rolled past the front and “yes” they were gone. As we walked up the hose made my heart sink. They must have turned it on the night before, cause I was there. It was ready to go. Dreams shot. One in a  million. No worries… Continue reading

I wish I knew how to smoke this good at such a young age. My kid about this age and he wouldn’t have a clue. But I guess some practice and anything is possible. Start training tonight son.

The second video was done on my commuter bike. Hang 5’s are really easy on this, it took one try. When I did this edit, I went back and rode my real flat bike and it seemed like a finger bike. No homo.

Lastly, for all of those worried about how much porn I put in these posts, this one is porn free. The next one might not be…

This video below is care of James Covington. He put some pegs on my ride and told me to do shit. So I did. Don’t forget to click the video player to your right called Embedr, there are some sweet ass videos on there. No Homo.


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I finally had a free day to get down to Tampa and ride the 4 fingers park. They don’t have bikes on Wednesday so we all went to SPOT for Mr. Coplons birthday. The whole drive down I counted how many churches I passed and wondered what it would be like to choke like Charles Bronson. Well I counted 18 and I don’t think Mr. Bronson would have the balls to choke me. But if his sweet mustache smiled at me, I would have to give in. Continue reading

Trying to get news from Tom is amazingly hard to do. I know he is always up to a lot. He is going on Road Fools with Madera real soon. He also changed his style up a lil bit.

This is how I caught up to him, text interview. He doesn’t know were doing an interview for the first part then he steps it up. Pretty sure were gonna do some more of these. Pretty funny…thanks Tom. Got ya bitch.

Tom text interview 1Tom text interview 2Tom text interview 3Tom text interview 4Tom text interview 5Tom text interview 6Tom text interview 7Tom text interview 8Tom text interview 9Tom text interview 10Tom text interview 11Tom text interview 12

Just received notice that all Deco. goods are in the country. They are sitting in New York right now waiting on customs. Once cleared they will be in transit down here to Florida. So I really don’t have a date when the goods will be here, but I am sure it will be pretty soon. Sorry for the delay. So close.

Holla at me (chad@decobmx.com) if you want to book an item, the frames are almost sold out. So get me your info, address, color, etc. and I will make sure your goods are sent out first.

The other day my site was down, you know, the one  your reading right now. So I freaked out and didn’t do anything. Cause I don’t know what to do. So after looking at a few porn sites I realized I should check my emails. There it was. Someone hacked into my system and fucked shit up. So my host shut down my site. I called them and the guy put me on hold for over 10 minutes while he looked at my site. He came back on the phone and apologized for taking so long. He told me it was back up and to check it out. I did and everything seemed fine. He said “really?”. So I asked what was the problem. He asked if I was sure that I wanted those pictures on my site, the nude ones. Yep yep I said. Then he went on for awhile about how they don’t allow nudity and some of the photos I have posted and that they need to come down. We went back and forth for a bit. End result, he said that if I didn’t take the pics down they were gonna pull my site down.

I think that is pretty funny. Really funny since they thought someone hacked into my system and posted saggy tits and some sweet asses.

Ohh ya, this is the pic they thought the hacker put on my site.


You heard it here first. Why the hell would we do some Baco web edits when we can just show you why we go to 11.

Expect it sometime near Christmas. This time you will see what goes on with Baco for the past few years. Actually it has been over 7 years since Baco 10.

I really don’t have much to say about the video. Its Strange I am starting my PISS OFF list first. For some reason beyond my control, there will be some names you wouldn’t expect on this list.

Dave and I were talking about Baco then I got excited and pissed on a Mercedes. Enjoy the pic, taken by The Cottle. Continue reading