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Stew put this one together, there is a bunch of footy that wasn’t in the actual vid. Really wanted to see more, and you gave it to us…thanks Stew. Where the hell is all the footy of my flying the plane around downtown Chicago? Chad DeGroot (pilot)

This photo says a lot and means a lot. Here it goes, I will explain. The guy to the left, we call him “stoops” short for stupid. He runs a company called Jug Bikes, similar to Chris Duncan Clothing. Pretty much not going anywhere fast. He has worked for every fast food chain, and as you can see by his hat he now works for Taco Bell, with bride. He knows the menu, he eats there, he jacks off in the bathroom daily. Jug has a problem of talking you into getting something you have. He is pretty good at it. Probably why he prays on women. They have small brains, its a fact. Jug, Stoops also has myspace account with all his team riders listed on it, your name probably is there as well, but spelled wrong.

Next is black douche bag wonder. You see him in the front with white teeth. This guy I instantly knew was a shit bag cause he wanted something from me. He has twenty chains around his neck, and more accessories than a normal black person would wear. See him, stay away from him.

Then there is me. Sponsor hungry after all these years and shitting out a Failure cruiser. Thanks Beard!!!

Fuck it

osp freaks

Thanks to all our sponsors for the OSP bmx jam this past saturday…soo many prizes. All the kids had boners.

deco license plate

Guess how many cig butts that have burned this garbage can and I will send you a Deco sticker pack…holla

cig garbage can

I love crack heads

Here you go, you asked for some crappy pics. Love the flaps, love the love. Hope this makes you all horny as hell.

Sweatpants boners to you all.

Was going to put some captions for these pics, but maybe you can leave a comment at the bottom…let me know your thoughts. Continue reading


Skatepark meets street inspired frames. This is WAY to comfortable and good looking for one person. Go ahead and try two, might need a side cart and a monkey. Who is making the rules? some BMX Succubus? Discover  yourself or who you want to be. Be a monkey, make rules, succumb to the Succubus (its only a dream), or just do it cause if feels right.

75  head-tube 

71 seat tube 

13″ rear end (12.75″ slammed)

11.87 MID bottom bracket height

9″  Stand Over height

Integrated seatpost clamp

ED coated internal tubes to prevent rust from the inside (Gloss black version)

Top and bottom gussets

Through the dropouts chain tensioners

Hour glass head tube

Removable 990 tabs (SOLD SEPARATELY $19.99) , guides,  built in INTERNAL chain tensioners (through the drop outs style bubs), 10mm-14mm spacers, seatpost clamp bolt.

Deco full brake kit plus more

Weight:  5 lbs  (20.6 version)

TWO sizes:  20.6″ and  21″

Colors: Trans RED Clear and Gloss Black

Butted tubing for down tube and seat post tube. Heat treated head tube, bottom bracket tube, and dropouts.

ED coating  (Gloss black version)on the inside of every tube to prevent rust from the inside out.

MSRP $299.99

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Key features accommodate a 2.5 tire with room, grind plates for abuse, double gussets with logo on the top and side plate Deco logo on all Self Titled Street frames for 2017.


Beautifully made for  your hands, to grab or not grab them? That is the question. If someone told  you these grips were deeply textured, soft and consoling. Would you have any  more questions? What question is that really? Nobody will make you feel better about going out and meeting the world with your new companions.  Others might say “one of life’s true gifts”. Either way you owe it to yourself and whoever steals your bike, true relaxation of the hands.

“New Deco. grips feel soft like kittens and marshmallows”

Molded Deco. logo on the end plug, these babies are plastic.

Weight: 4.4 oz., black plugs .5 oz.

Colors: Black, Red/Black, USA 3 color, and Camo

MSRP $10.99

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It was a  game I have always played. Why pretend it’s impossible. Call them Forks, call them necessary on your bike?…Inspired with front brakes in mind, these steep 28mm rake FuForks come with or without removable 990 tabs. These bad boys will help your nose wheelies, with our without front brakes.
Don’t be an embarrassment to front wheel tricks. Do that front wheel boogie.

1pc. machined steer, CR-MO blades, CR-MO dropout full heat treated, extruded steer tube (scroll down to see close up pics), and thicker crown.

Weight: V2 35.4 oz. (w/990 tabs), V2 34 oz. (without tabs), V3 oz.  (w/990 tabs), V3 oz. (without tabs)

Zero Rake version with or without removable 990 tab mounts. Full heat treated and ED elecot coating on the inside to prevent rust.  Black only.

165mm Steer tube length

29 oz or 842 grams (without mounts)

 Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.58.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.58.58 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.59.10 PMDeco Zero FuForks tabs n holesDeco Zero FuForks dropouts

Deco Zero FuForks full

Compression bolt (H25 .8 oz. or H24 .7 oz.) features a hole for front brake cables next to square socket for adjustment. Hole is big enough to remove the cable barrel head for traveling or taking off your front brake. 6061 aluminum with laser etched logo. 80% of the industry is using this steer tube so the Deco. compression bolt is your upgrade once others FAIL.

Fork Cap comes as Black with white printing and these pictured are upgrades in Red, Purple, tie dye black/purple, black/polished, black/red, and Camo.

H24: Fits DecoBMX V3 FuForks, Black Label slimfast, Demolition concorde, Odyssey forks (’07 and newer), Primo, WTP (’08 & on),Sunday morning 2 & night 2 forks.

H25: (25 x 1.5mm thread) Fits: Amity RD, Bone Deth Bottom Feeder, BSD, Colony, Deco V1 and V2, Demolition Elite/Maiden, Division, Eastern, FBM CB4ks, Federal, Fiend Embryo, Fly Bikes, Haro Lineage, Hoffman, Kink, Mission, Mutiny Wand V3, Nitrous Afterburner, Premium, Rant, Shadow Conspiracy, Sputnic, Stolen, Subrosa, Verde, and Volume Forks

MSRP $12.99

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Deco Camo fork caps

Black/Gold and all Black H24 caps out now.

Deco M24 fork cap black:gold

4mm thick with 3/8th dropout slots

Integrated internal headset race

V2 28mm/15mm/zero rake now have dual cable guides for one, two, right, or left running front brake cable to clear the tire and no mess no stress.

Brake tab kit  now with improved shortened bolt to it won’t bottom out plus install tool so its easier to stay tight and remove. These will be included with all 990 fork options.

Deco tab kit with tool

Colors: Black or Silver

MSRP $134.99 Black $139.99 Silver

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No special tool required as a simple square extension like for your pegs is all you need to install and adjust. 

These are available in both WITH or WITHOUT 990 tabs…were bringing the heat.

Click BUY NOW above to shop Deco. or call 407-790-4964

Check out BMX PLUS Magazine test and review of FuForks, pretty amazing write up.



V2 and V3 15mm and 28mm rake now have dual cable guides for one, two, right, or left running front brake cable to clear the tire and no mess no stress.

V3 is here with 15mm or 28mm offset with or without 990 tabs and front brake cable guides for right, left, or dual cables to the front brake. This tucks the cable out of the way and no need for tape or zip ties. That stuff is crap. We think, we do, WE DECO.

Colors: Black

Click the pics below to see a larger view of the FuForks steer tube. Notice the compression cap is for square so it won’t strip like most others. Our caps are compatible by 80% of forks on the market. Notice the rust on the one steer tube which is the old style and stay away from this.. The new one is upgrade with an extruded area for strength and so the threads hold better for the compression cap. We beefed up the areas that need it most and didn’t sacrifice weight.


As of late 2015 the new brake kit is used on all FuForks. But if you decide to run the version pre September 2015 with 990 tabs, they will fit most brakes. But if your having problems cause the brake arm rubs on the fork and won’t work, please take this advice and check out the pic below. To space the arm out with enough clearance to not rub use a washer. We have found out that the washer for skate trucks works the best. Slide the washer on the brake mount then screw it on so it will move the arm out for enough clearance. Some people have chosen to not use the washer and grind down the arms. This does work to. So you have two choices. We are sorry if you are having problems, but these were designed for low profile and very close clearance so the brake doesn’t stick out like a morning missle. There are so many brakes on the market with tons of differences, we have been working on ours for over a year to make sure they have no problems. We got what you need…


The practical answer will be right under your seat, the day has arrived, its pivotal season. Amazingly man has accomplished what the Beast set out to do. Don’t resist the beast. Run with him like you have never ran before. Run a seat-post that is worthy of any situation.

Deco. Logo Pivotal Seat-post

25.4mm by 135mm (5″) anodized

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Colors: Black,  High Polished,   Tie Dye Black/Red, Tie Dye Black/Gold

25.4mm by 330mm (13″) anodized

Weight: 7.4 oz.

Colors: Black

MSRP $24.99 135mm (Tie Dye $28.99),  $32.99 330mm

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Deco Tie Dye pivotal postsDeco 135mm pivotal post black:gold


Deco. Logo Embossed Deche series Seats

This seat is magnificent. Simple, functional, handsome, extremely well made, affordable, and, YES, pivotal. Listen to what your ass is asking. Pick one up and listen to your ass thank  you time and time again. Slap one and GO TEAM… Continue reading

We have chosen to learn from the past and roll the clock back the the beginning. Filled with chromoly axle goodness and loaded with the plastic freshness expected from a quality 10 pin plastic pedal. Move over black and clear,  even a person who notices nothing will notice chrome and ask “Are those metal”? You can laugh and say “Nope, their plastic”, then twist your mustache and roll into the sunset.

13.6 oz. for the pair

Clear, Clear Black, Vacuum Plated Silver, Black (glass fiber), Snow Camo, Jungle Camo, Desert Camo, Army Camo

 9 Metal removable pin PC pedals in Black,  Silver, and Gold

16 oz. for the pair

MSRP $18.99 Black $23.99 CAMO $23.99 silver $24.99 black,  w/metal pins $32.99 silver w/metal pins $32.99

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