Here is a split interview and update. First off I want to say I am excited to get Mannie on a TA frame and some fine DecoBMX products. He is a young ripper who is about to start an adventure that will bring him around the world with entertaining people and enabling him to quit his 9 to 5. Maybe a bit weird getting in sessions on a boat but he is very excited and we look forward to his updates…read his interview below and check that whip. Terry has been pulling his hair out with grown up life stuff including his new house he just had built. With a huge focus on his garage for a riding area, he finally let the dust settle, unpacked, and got on his new bike. Enjoy both lil interviews, pics, and scroll down to see a few clips. -Chad D

Caught up with TA and asked him what he is up to and more…check what he says:

Chad-What is good bubs? What have you been up to?
TA-Everything has been rad, just returned home from a weekend of shows at Moto GB in Indianapolis. Other than that, just trying to get moved into the new crib. When I get completely settled in. I plan to ride like there is no tomorrow.
Chad-How is the new bike, you choose the shiny look with chrome and put back on a front brake…why?
TA-I chose the shinny look because my homie Scott O’brien told me what’s in style and how I should set it up, so I trusted him. As far as putting  the back on the brake, I realized keeping the brake off was really holding me back from what I stand for as a rider. I always preached to do your own thing and not follow trends. So I guess it was time to take my own advise.
Chad-What is going on the rest of the year, can you tell me?
TA-Rest of the year will be a mixture of appearances around the US for RedBull, filming my 3rd joint edit with Aaron Ross, riding my balls off,  and then plan on ending the year with a Profile trip with DeGroot and Matt Coplon. Things should get spicy.
Chad-Seeing your new house and your bonus size garage is pretty amazing, does your cars even park in there or is it going to stay pristine?
TA-Plan is to keep that thing clean as bean and ride like I’m 16. I’m ready.. The cars can sit in the rain, it’s time to ride.
Check out more TA goodness on his TEAM PAGE and check back often HERE.
TA sunset chill shot TA sunset 2 TA front spin Pics by:Chad D


Chad-Caught up with Mannie Nogueira as he just make a few changes to his bike and we discuss what is going on for the remainder or this year and what is in store for 2016. 
Mannie-Had my first ride on the new bike yesterday! Feels SUPER good! a little getting used to the shorter frame and ill be good to go!

Chad-First off your bike looks insanely clean and crisp and by the look on your face you look pretty excited. How does it feel to be on a Deco frame and parts?

Mannie-Yes i am super stoked on riding a Deco setup! Heard lots of good things about Deco and now that I’m on a frame/parts it feels super solid and all the parts seem to be made extremely well! So dope! ! It does look super clean and can’t wait to really ride hard on this new setup!


Chad-You landed a gig on a boat for about 8 months doing some acting them riding your bike. How did you get this and are you ready for boats n hos?

Mannie-I got this boat gig from Dane Beardsley who had currently been on the boat, he told me about this gig and what it was like so i decided to take the opportunity! I quit my job and was off to Miami, Florida for rehearsals. It was a pretty crazy experience down there learning the show and having to learn to do some acting  as well… It was super awkward at first but after 3 weeks you kinda get used to it..kinda. haha. Oh am i ready for boats and hoes! but are boats and hoes ready for me? 😉


Chad-How does the rest of this year and next year look for you?

Mannie-Right now I’m getting ready for these boat shows, i fly to the UK on August 30th and won’t be back home till mid April! Hopefully i can get a few contracts out of this! When I’m back from the boat I’m hoping to hit a few contests and ride hard to keep progressing. Also hoping to do more shows weather its for a show team or starting up my own thing… I worked the 9-5 life for over 2 years out of high school and I’m not planning to go back anytime soon!


Chad-With BMX not having much money unless you do shows or win everything, how does it feel to do something you love and get to travel around the world?

Mannie-Im super stoked to have this opportunity to do these shows and travel around Europe/ the Caribbean riding my bike! Its pretty crazy when i think about it! Insane how riding my bike can take me to all these places and I can’t wait to start this new adventure!

Chad-Where can people find you? @’s, twitter, FB, #’s…

Instagram- @MannieNogueira

Twitter- @MannieNogueira


Thanks to my parents/family for all their constant support and keeping me motivated to do what i love! Thanks to all the homies i ride with and friends for the support as well. Thanks Dane Beardsley for hooking me up with this boat gig! Thanks to my sponsors, @questbmx, @bbgbmx, @huck supply co, @quartergood. And BIG thanks to DECO BMX for all the support as well!

New England Represent!

Mannie Nogueira

Check out TA in his garage with the first sessions of many to come with that sweet glass garage door backdrop and also take a peek at his signature TA frame both him and Mannie are running along with the full line of PRODUCTS. 


When you make Terry Adams happy he gives you shout outs in fancy places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and invites you to be awesome, which is pretty awesome. What is more awesome than awesome? “The TA model has everything I have always wanted in a great solid traditional looking flatland frame. It’s not gimmicky, has a simple design, and its built to last. Its still short but long enough to make you feel like a man. Removable tabs and built in chain tensioners to keep things practical. This frame is everything I want between my legs. This is some quality sh*t that will provide tons of fun and give you a happy ending every time you ride it.” -Terry Adams

Here are some recent videos from TA at his house and Mannie’s first ride on his new whip…check them out and give a follow to them both.

Here are a few more fine DecoBMX parts both Mannie and TA proudly ride:

PC-Carbon-fiber-pedals-Black Black-grips New-H-s2 135mm-seatpost-2 Deco.-Black-Denim-seat-542x300 Deco.-Mid-BB-19mm-Black1-436x300


To buy these products and more click the buy now tab tab below. Thank you.

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So I get hit up on facebook to do an interview. I  didn’t say no at first, then I get the questions from Chris Pink from England and I am more than happy to give him some answers. The questions were directed mainly around bmx but how it applies to my normal life. I try to answer the best I can but my mind is going nuts cause the questions are sweet and I have a lot to talk about. Thanks Chris, holla at me anytime. Also if you want to read more on the Gallery of Lost hit him up. -Chad D

NOTE: The following intro might make it sound like this is only interesting if you have some connection with BMX, but I can assure you that’s not the case. Everyone can learn something by reading this, so be sure to check it out:

The name “Chad Degroot” may not be one which you’re familiar with, but in BMX circles it’s a name that’s been synonymous with progression and determination to get cool things done for over twenty years. Known by many as one of the most unique technical BMX riders around (as well as one of the most versatile), Chad doesn’t – and never has – limited himself to just progressing on a BMX bike. And although Chad might cringe at what I’m about to say next, it’s the truth, ask anyone: without him and the tight group he rode with during the 1990s — when BMX went through probably its biggest technical-tricks revolution — BMX would never have evolved to become what it is today. Back then, I was just starting out myself, and Chad’s flatland skills alone blew my mind. After that he went on to ride ramps as well as anyone, and use his numerous tech-skills to full advantage on street, ramps and in even more videos… Continue reading

Quicky is a new feature I’m going to try and start firing out here on the regular. It’s basically an interview, but straight to the point of “what are you up to” with no real extra non-bmx related questions that I’ll mix in with the regular interviews. I figured I’d start these off with the one and only Chad DeGroot. Anyone who knows Chad knows that he’s a definitely a little kooky, but awesome. He gets himself into some ridiculous situations and has some of the best stories ever. Chad also always has something going on. I figured it would be a good time to check in with him and see what’s new and try and light a fire under his ass to get another Baco contest going. Check out what he had to say…

Mat is from Lake Havasu Arizona but bounces around Colorado enough to be called a local. He has blown out his front teeth more than a few times, but gets right back up and proceeds to kill it on a bike. I caught up with him a few times to get this done. Its pretty funny and you will learn something about Mat. End result is he is a part of the Colorado scene and lives the BMX life. Work for awhile, then travel and chill, but ride the whole time. I sent him a camera to get some filming done for web edits and he went out and made some porn. How can you hate a kid like that? He also has a true passion for the SKID. Anyways, here is his little interview. I am pretty sure he was drinking beer out of a straw when he answered a lot of these questions. We didn’t even get into the fact he swallowed a nail when he was younger. The pics to prove it are at the bottom…guess this is part 1?

Chad-what happened to the missing “T” on your first name? Did you sell it?

Mat-My mom Says she didnt want everyone to associate my name with a door mat  thats why she left one of the T’s out… I told her to spell door mat and it turns out that i am just more special than all of the other matt’s out there

Chad-Its really nice of your  mom to think of a door mat while naming you. Door mat is spelled with one “t” though, so I am not sure if she hides her drugs or her money under her door mat?

Mat-I am going to have to check, either way i am coming up!

Chad-Coming up? Shit, someone needs to pull the Mat our from under you

Mat- Maybe thats the reason people try to walk all over me.

Chad-tell everyone a secret you have that no one knows? It can be that you shot porn the other night.

Mat-Well to tell you the truth I shot porn for the third time the other night and only we know haha

Chad-That is sweet you have 3 chicks to shoot porn with. Good job.

Mat- In the words of a great philosopher ” Bmx is great but porn makes the world go around”

Chad-why BMX and not climbing mountains or being a logger?

Mat-Because you could get hurt moumtain climbing, and logging is too easy!

Chad-Have you ever logged a log?

Mat- I beat up a swamp logger, practically the same thing…

Chad-would you ever fight a broad?

Mat-I have and I will again.

Chad-Would you fight your mom to get that “t” back? Does your mom wear a t-back?

Mat- No I didnt like that T from the beginning. If you saw my mom in a t-back you might not want to start any static!

Chad-Send pics of your mom, and ask her to model the T-back. I’ll be the judge.

Chad-you don’t have a bank account yet you work all the time. Do you work for free like community service or do you just get special hj’s as payment?

Mat-I do the community a service and I work for family most the time so ya pretty much work for free. I do what I can wherever I am so I can eat but I tore my acl when I was younger, and I lived off of my credit card. Not being at work got me fired and my bills went to collections= No bank account!

Chad-So  your running from the law?

Mat- No I am completely legal thats what cost so much. I just paid off my fines and payed a shit ton to get my license back after not having it for lik3   years    I  am just running from reality from time to time.

Chad-Stop running from reality, I saw the pic, your heal clickers are top notch

Mat- Gracias!

Chad-where do you hide your money?

Mat-I always hide my money under my middle console in my car. I am always in that thing

Chad-I thought that was a secret? Probably going to tell Troy McMurry to stop by and get your money.

Mat- Now thats what I call motivation to get a bank account!

Chad-what is the best thing you like about BMX? Worst?

Mat-My favorite thing about bmx is a nice clean tire skid.and I really hate crashing. I feel old

Chad-Clean tire skid? you are  doing some hippie skids?

Mat- Ya.. High velocity downhill power skids. Ever done one? Its a rush!

Chad-I am twice your age and when I was half your age I had a tire sponsor and those things were shredded daily. I use to do one long ass skid till my tire blew, top that rookie.

Mat-We should contact GuineBook of World Records and attempt the longets skids in history. I know the perfect hill out here in Colorado.

Chad-your from Arizona but bounce around from Nevada and Colorado. Being true to Colorado have you ever shotgunned a coors in a hippie hot springs?

Mat- I have shotgunned a hippie at a coors hot springs does that count? I love Colorado.

Chad-It only counts If you have an 80’s hairy bush.

Mat- Fact!  87

Chad-if you had the choice to add 6 inches to your cock and give up your favorite trick or take away 6 inches and get one trick in return, what would those tricks be?

Mat-If I could gain another six inches on my cock at the cost of my favorite trick that trick would be heel clickers. If I had to choose a trick for losing six inches it would have to be flair double downside whips.

Chad-Do you really do heel clickers?

Mat- I have been known to pull out the dirt bike manuvers

Chad-thank you.

Mat-No thank you!    should i do shout outs?

Chad-Nope, but I guess  you will anyway. Ohh ya, did you get those socks yet?

That is how much Deco. cares about the riders, we give them socks to make their feet happy. Just don’t tell anyone which brand they are…please.

Check these links out to.

Trying to get news from Tom is amazingly hard to do. I know he is always up to a lot. He is going on Road Fools with Madera real soon. He also changed his style up a lil bit.

This is how I caught up to him, text interview. He doesn’t know were doing an interview for the first part then he steps it up. Pretty sure were gonna do some more of these. Pretty funny…thanks Tom. Got ya bitch.

Tom text interview 1Tom text interview 2Tom text interview 3Tom text interview 4Tom text interview 5Tom text interview 6Tom text interview 7Tom text interview 8Tom text interview 9Tom text interview 10Tom text interview 11Tom text interview 12