I am sure that I have used the work “Stoked”. But the video I posted at the bottom takes it to a new level. Speaking of new level, congrats to James Covington for not being a virgin. Don’t think he shit his pants during the act as well. Pretty sure he is going to hell for not being married. The lord will take care of him. Go to church and wash your dick now. Hope no bumps pop up, just squeeze them if they do…good job buddy.

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James works for me at Mesh Skatepark and is a fucking wild character. He is down with BMX and couldn’t hold back by showing his infatuation with poo poo porn as seen in the second edit. Couldn’t find the embed on this, so suck it and click the link for some brown fun. There is  a sweet edit from the “nothing says pussy like light beer” Enns, and to top it off with a pickle surprise. Happy as hell he didn’t pick that pickle jar edit, that thing sucks…thanks James, go use your dick now, Marian where are  you?

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