Here’s a sneak peak at the new designs  for 2011 shirts available for prebook till October 15th. Get back to me by then to lock your order in.  We have the “Faces” series and the “Cockroach”, 6 shirts in total.

All American Apparel shirts sizes small-xl. Custom sizes available on request.

“Faces” series available in black or white with gray stripe and limited run colors. Christopher Walken, Burt Reynolds, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, and Mustache guy all starring in this series.

Full frontal “Cockroach” available in two tone 3/4th sleeve (not pictured). Two tone colors to be announced soon. Pic coming soon.


Mike is good.

Mike is great. Check out his blog HERE, its some good reading and pics. Always updated.

Here is an edit from Solid. Mike can do a skid and make it look good. Actually he does more than a few in this. My favorite is the multiple pedal curved wall.

Deco. represent. If you want the yellow shirt Mike is wearing, check it out here and pick one up.

Mike Meister Solid Bikes Edit from Dustin Arp on Vimeo.

My #1 employee helped take this pic below. When I posted it on Flikr and Twitter a lot of response was do I still ride flatland. Or as some people call it “flizzzzatland.”

I do ride as much as I can. Some times it isn’t possible to ride. So when I do it is as sweet as it was years ago. Never a bad time, unless my bike fucks up.

The flatland version is coming soon. Samples are done and some are being ridden. So expect them hopefully sooner than later.

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chad front wheel boogie

This is amazing and we are going to session these asap. What a great concept.

dog bacon burger

The hats are in…new design this time…Holla at one of these.

Deco trucker hats

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