Caught up with Mat and he has been busy as every with working, riding, doing shows, VW shows, photo shoots, getting the kids stoked, and pushing dads and more to get more in the scene. Check some pics of his numerous pages in print, shows, riding, and more. @matuptobat #decobmx

“Thanks to the homies and my lady for sponsoring the last few months of bmx. Love you all more than you know. It’s appreciated beyond the capabilities of your imagination. Woodward is awesome. VW life is the best thing since sliced bread. Traveling makes you think… specially when you can only go 40 uphill lol.” -Mat Olson @matuptobat

The last few months have been wild! Running a stunt team, filming for an edit, social media madness, knee problems,  organizing a car show and Public bike rodeo… haha life is busy. 

 That being said, I’ll be hitting the road to go chill in the mountains with the Pusher BMX dudes followed by a weeks visit at Woodward Copper. Always pumped to spend some time in Coloradeco! This pic was taken a while back at one of my favorite Colorado bike parks. – Frisco Bike Park -Mat Olson @matuptobat


by @jeffbrockmeyer

Ohhhh hell ya the new order is here including the pc pegs which are the lightest out and replaceable sleeves. Colored fork caps which fit most forks and are the best out. TA frame in black or silver and two sizes. Succubus Lite which was for Japan only but a few trickled into the USA. And the pc pedals are back in stock. All the info, pricing, sizes, and specs including where to buy is listed below. We are excited…get up and dance. Continue reading

This week was cut short do to Dew tour food poisoning. OH man could I describe this in detail but I won’t describe the fluids loss and amount of pain this caused me. If you know you know, if you don’t, you have no clue. So with that said YES there is coverage from Dew Tour in Ocean City which was pretty dope, great weather, amazing BMX, and Team Frame rider TA taking home 3rd place with his clean smooth style.  Coplon had the pleasure of a sweet covered pool pocket session before getting the cops called, nothing happened…all talk from the neighbor. Pick up the new BMX Plus to see it stacked with Deco deliciousness throughout the whole issue care of Chris Arriaga. Tsutomu celebration continues… Check the dudes face-book. And your moments of Zen care of Mullet, Darryl, and Chad relaxing in OC. Go get that weekend like it wants you to…get me pics. Enjoy bubs…holla  back next week. -Chad D Continue reading

The Deco brander has been getting a ton of coverage lately and with its first branding on human skin, its off to the races leaving the mark everywhere. Deco goods are all over and ready to make humans happy, so check your local shop and support the good stuff. Mat Olson has been doing school shows and clocking some clips in between so check his edit. Banned in the backyard, DANG. Quick vid up now and pics coming soon. Have a safe weekend everyone and remember BMX is good. -Chad D Continue reading

Mat checked in from Woodward West then hit us with a new edit combining motorcyle skills to jumping over bowls…check it below. Had to show off the NEW pc pedal with 9 removable metal pins coming in black or silver. Posted three events coming up, if your in those areas hit them up and support some good shit in bmx. Coloradical London airing a smooth park. Deco. on a race jersey, peep it. Mat Coplon foots a rail, stomp it son. Chad at Dew tour, some of those pics are incredible, just saying…  Party in the parking lot video is the best, thanks Gentry, if you don’t know you should know. 21.5″ sneak peek, those playas are coming real soon…stay tuned. -Chad D Continue reading