Happy birthday America. I said it. I have been wanting to do this post waiting on some good news but its going to have to drop later, sorry. Pretty sure where ever you are its hot as hell. So take a minute and chill in some ac and read up on the new Pusher trip written by Mat Olson. Will make you want to take a trip asap. Tremaine Stewart dropped this an edit keeping it Colorado as hell hitting up all the free skateparks. Chad’s English version of the Chile interview is readable now. Check it out. Tom is Lifted, we out there. Coplon is still killing weekends, so many spots he is finding in his area. Deco. lighters by Bic. AND your moments of Zen. -Chad D Continue reading

I am off to VooDoo jam so this weeks post is a little early but still stacked with the moist goodness you crave from our drippings of shit talking and updates from riders and nothing in general. This week we received and email from a parent who was concerned about our content on the site. Well you have to be 18 or sneaky as hell to visit us or we will send down a laser and annihilate you on the spot. Your kidding me, our content is rated G as far as I am concerned. Anyways, Mat Olson claims 1st place on dirt and stacks some chedda, congrats. The 430 crew has been busy on their DVD coming out soon, check the trailer. I’m  riding a Captain America colored bike, might be going color blind? Zach checks in after a long time with a sweet whip on GUNS. Coplon with a weekend away…always consistent on the pics. Where are you Ludwick, ohh here you are with two clips. Limited RWB Grab Some tee available now. Ice, wood, and metal =?  Jayda Diamonde responds to being a porn star on twitter. Lastly, pic up hitchhikers just for the story. -Chad D Continue reading

Woke up a lil hung over with all my clothes on, not sure what time warp I hit last night but it seems like I went back in time but woke up and it was the future. Brushed my teeth with sand. Then ate the ass out of a plant. Now I’m rambling trying to take up space for this weeks intro. YAYA, you heard it here first. Then PHX got some mad Deco from MR. filth himself. Taggin and shaggin. Tequila. Tremaine is back on it with a knee brace, that shit isn’t gonna slow him down. Meister does wallrides better than anyone, the new BMX PLUS shows that off as well Mat Olson doing a tuck flip at some X-thang. Pick up a copy and put it on your wall like us kids use to do. Japan seems to have mad Deco as well, Tang Meng hits you with his edit flowing flat and park sessions. Hit up everyone on the TEAM PAGE if you don’t know now you do do. Trails are getting support for Mat Olson and Deco. Hit that Jam.Whisky. Matt Coplon is a weekend warrior hitting you with some walls and balls. No meat. Lastly Chad attempts the new school  pogo stick.  -Chad D Continue reading

This week is getting big for this post, we had to do it early cause there is so much shit going on. Sit back, put on your reading glasses, pour your glass full of whisky, rolly polly, get lifted, and play some Skynard man.
Tosh.o doesn’t ever let down, finally posted one banger. Watch it a few times. Japan has been kicking some ass and Deco has a grassroots gem, check the edit. The new “Grab Some” tee if out and it feels right. Mat Olson is still on his motorcycle trip somewhere in Texass. Mr. Filth checked in from Arizona and shows that PHX has mad Deco. Kerry Gatt is rocking the V2 Succubus. Chad is Rad. Taylor Bonds has a sweet edit from winter sessions in Coloradeco. Get into this, get excited, are you excited?

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My name is Mat and i’m up to bat!  I ride my bike as much as possible, specially when it involves traveling to new places and check out new spots. I like to ride street and park, but my heart is home at the trails. Go high  and fast, that’s the recipe for fun. I ride in BMX stunt shows for work and I ride after for fun. I don’t need much in life. Good times, good friends, and good times.Remember this…BMX is only limited to your own creativity and Deco. is the shit!


Mat O super super man


Mat Olson open loop tdown texas IMG_4952.JPG

Mat Olson wild whip

Mat Olson Cover of BMX Plus

Mat Olson for Deco Bmx from alex hammett on Vimeo.

Mat Olson over tooth by @cameronasa

Mat bat


Bridge ride pic by: Travis Kincaid #traviskincaidphotography and @crujonesisradd http://www.traviskincaid.com


Mat Olson helmet pocket air Mat Olson one hell of a TBOG dirt

Mat Olson superman


Mat Olson 3 tuck Woodward

This one time Mat Olson went to Kona skatepark in Jacksonville Florida and rode the sketchy quarter at the end of the snake run, airing this bitch is hard enough, he threw in some TBOG style. #decobmx

Mat O tbog at Kona by covington

Mat Olson nac by covington

Mat Olson DecoBMX 2013 from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Mat grand opening

Mat O wild transfer whip Mat O one foot nac

Mat Olson flip city

Mat Olson Bike Check & Update Edit from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Mat Olson Getting Sent from alex hammett on Vimeo.

Mat Olson had the please of riding the oldest skatepark in our nation KONA and he whipped its ass with this invert beyond the extension you need, holy shit balls. Pic by: Covington #matknowsdeco


Fall 2012 edit.



Sorry about the randomness of this post, our wordpress is acting up real bad and merging everything together. So look past that and check out our new post on what is up with , Mat going HAM,  Chad messing shit up, Japan doing nuts ass shit, some halloween yes or no?, and more random crap  you probably don’t care about. So sit back for 3 minutes and let the Deco site put a smile in your mile. What does that mean? Bud does not make you weiser. Thanks. Continue reading

Tremaine produced a sweet edit with the Pusher crew, click below to peep it. Facebook is wild, and birthdays are even wilder, is that a word? Check the art for Chad’s bday. Were sponsoring the Voodoo Jam and also inviting everyone to come to the party…why wouldn’t you, its in New Orleans. Deco antenna? ya, we have new shit coming out all the time. Taylor bonds doing bars, tbogs, and style over the hip. So good. Say “HI” to your pops for me. King of Crete pics and video. Lastly is Mat Olson 3 whippin a mellow spine. Continue reading