“Here at QBMX we thought Chad DeGroot from Deco had a great idea with making a list of some things to get done. Take a look at our list and see we are almost finished. Make a list of your own and post it on our Facebook . The list we like the best will win Deco prizes then we can check that off.”

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Kurt at BMXUnion.com was kind enough to shoot some amazing pics, so if you don’t like what you see below, hit his site up HERE and see what goes from his lense. Thanks Kurt for the real nice pics…

Dustin Grice and Glenn from QBP decided to take matters into their own hands for the long Minnesota winter and rent a warehouse space and built some shreddable ramps. Anyways, this is their bathroom. They killed a ton of hookers and animals in that sink and shot more than a few horror flicks. Jon Wells getting beat down with a rusty coat hanger while saving the last sip of his PBR.

Powerbar hat keeping all the heat in while the Minnesota winter tries to dip below 5 degrees and sent 13 inches of snow…

My shuttle guy left me here cause he got stuck. Super shuttle got super stuck.

Kevin Porter close up fart face.

So gully, send me an angel, nice stance…you need a hot dog in your beer.

Guess the surpise it out. Camo slim and Big seats, also silver embossed slim and Big seats coming soon.

The indoor winter get away. Session ready with foam pit and all.

Slept on this mans floor. He is a giant. He can eat a whole pizza in one bite. Thanks for the non-stop laughing. T-Pain and shit.

So much snow. Getting all black and white on that snow storm.

I want to be this for halloween.

Charlie will fight you and not even think twice.

The cops have three wheelers with rims. Upgrade? Taxes?

Coffee color out now.

Kurts site is sweet. Get the whole lowdown on everything here.