The first vid is from the last jam at Mesh, RIP. Pretty good shit, check dat shit out son.

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Then the Profile part two of our trip to Cali Bra. Mulville kills it.

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SOLD OUT People want things that are inspired from the 4 piece handlebar feel, the 2 piece “FuBars” have the look and feel you want. Made from Multi-butted chromoly,  these bad boys will let  you hold the metal you have needed since you listened to Iron Maiden.

5 degree up, 8 degree back sweep

or 2 degrees up and 12 back

27″ wide (8″ rise only)

28″ wide (9″ rise only)

8″ rise 9″ rise

Weight: 24.8 oz.

8100 butted tube CR-MO full heat treated

Colors:  Coming soon


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Laser Etched logo on the crossbar


Unfortunately we all can’t rely on the rear brakes. Silly Slick cables designed for front brake use. Not linear. Your not doing bar spins trying to figure out which way to wind up. You can try, but we took the guess work out of knowing which cable to use with front brakes. My spies will tell you, “Slick-ISH Cables in the front Bro.” Thanks Spies…

Black anodized ends

55″ length

Weight: 3.5 oz.

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Red, and Purple

Intended for front brake use or mild rear brakes. Doing a million bar spins is never good for any cable. They invented the rotor or the new style, no brakes (which I figured out meant no cables). Do the math.

MSRP $5.99

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