Since the Packers won the superbowl my head hasn’t felt the same. So that is my excuse for no recent posts. I’m sticking to that. So to start, I want to say Happy Valentines Day and I wish everyone gets the love or candy they want today. If you don’t, click on the link below and get excited from some hot girls riding bikes. They will give you everything you need for this day of Love. If that still doesn’t work, click on our Tumblr page (link below) and see what’s up.


Playboy girls riding bikes…

This weekend is Frostbike up in  Minnesota. They get a lot of BMX support from this show. The pic below is one of my better mustaches which have been a little played out. If your gonna do it, do it right. Grow it filthy and get food stuck  in it. Don’t be a pussy. Stop by and say HI if your going.

Deco. is sponsoring the 2011 Am Flatland series this year. Trying to make it out to a few stops as well. So support flatland if you can or can’t do it. It will always be around you.

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Mat Olson news, he sent over this pic of his new camper. Guess he is living the life, or is he letting life live him?

We have the legit DecoBMX only twitter now. You can still hit me up on the other one, or hit us up on both…twitterz

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Also, the plastic pedals are here.

If you have questions how strong these are, check the pic below, Mat Olson testing out the Silver boys with a flip to flat.

Colors are Clear, Clear Black, and the best shit ever…Vacuum Plated Silver. 13.6 oz.

We have chosen to learn from the past and roll the clock back the the beginning. Filled with chromoly axle goodness and loaded with the plastic freshness expected from a quality 10 pin plastic pedal. Move over black and clear,  even a person who notices nothing will notice chrome and ask “Are those metal”? You can laugh and say “Nope, their plastic”, then twist your mustache and roll into the sunset.

Mat enjoying Florida to its fullest, Natty Ice, ketchup, dollar hot dogs, swiss rolls, and a ton of casselberry dirt.

Here is a short list of some tweets coming from this GUY

Why don’t you go ahead and follow? These are just a few. Some get better and some get bad. But at least I am not putting any Aaron Ross tweets like “I am gonna bake a cake.” Fuck, I just put one. Sorry.

Sounded like a duck execution

Say a racial slurr to enter

I am gonna be black for saturday

Unsolicited naked cockness

My name is Lola. That means stick it in my ass.

I met my dad at the bathroom…he just finished. Kinda awkward

“I am a grandmother, I can smoke pot now”

See nearby tweets, this one is priceless

Just peed in the toilet n brushed my teeth at the same time…finally got a electric toothbrush

Just became friends with miracle whip on facebook. Don’t tell that white sass that it’s just sass

I am gonna put my iPhone in one of those goodwill dumpsters

“I want an area rug made of the pubic hairs of virgins”

Ying ling, good Chinese beer

“I was on acid hunting those wooden deer”

“I wanna Jack u off with my mouth”

There are clowns in my coffee

Letters form words , education tonight

Tell me what this says ?????????????????????????(????)????????

“my phone is not in my eye”

Guess I pissed off the king with a tweet. Guess who the king is and win a boner…

Soap noose

Must be nice to be able to fit yer hand to the bottom of a pringles can

Some people have some fucked up jobs. I drink beer at work n give myself wedgies

Gonna go fuck the wife now

I just saw sears on facebook. Fuck I ya I have a boner n gonna be friends with sears…

I had meth dreams last night, n snorting snowballs, you would mix them together, cause it’s wet

What if there was a commercial that you’ll go blind if u use the other persons contacts?

We were doing it n my head started bleeding

“If my ass could do what a punch ball does…” wife quote #2

“Why not 2 in the pink n 2 in the stink… Like star trek”