I finally had a free day to get down to Tampa and ride the 4 fingers park. They don’t have bikes on Wednesday so we all went to SPOT for Mr. Coplons birthday. The whole drive down I counted how many churches I passed and wondered what it would be like to choke like Charles Bronson. Well I counted 18 and I don’t think Mr. Bronson would have the balls to choke me. But if his sweet mustache smiled at me, I would have to give in. Continue reading

You heard it here first. Why the hell would we do some Baco web edits when we can just show you why we go to 11.

Expect it sometime near Christmas. This time you will see what goes on with Baco for the past few years. Actually it has been over 7 years since Baco 10.

I really don’t have much to say about the video. Its Strange I am starting my PISS OFF list first. For some reason beyond my control, there will be some names you wouldn’t expect on this list.

Dave and I were talking about Baco then I got excited and pissed on a Mercedes. Enjoy the pic, taken by The Cottle. Continue reading

Contributors keep sending me ugly girl pics and they never get old. Then I got this razor scooter video from Adam Baker. Some kids does a 540 barspin. That doesn’t make any of these chicks any prettier nor should it make you stop from kicking some razor scooter ass anytime you see them. Even if the kid is little and young, even girls. Kick their ass. They have to learn, punch a chick, kick a kid. Suck it. Ohh ya, bring them to Mesh Continue reading